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Aadhar Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners- Complete Guide 2017

Hello Friends, In this article we are going to lay down a complete information guide on Aadhar Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners. 

Aadhar card for NRIs

Aadhar is an identification proof bearing unique twelve digit number along with the demographic and biometric information of a person. It is similar to the social security number system of the United States of America. The Aadhar card is widely accepted as a proof of identification as well as address proof at all major institutes in india.

The significance of the Aadhar card has increased even more after the government’s announcement to make linking of PAN card to the Aadhar card mandatory, failing which the PAN card will be invalid. The PAN card in turn is required for filing of tax returns and any kind of income tax related processes carried out. This move has been taken with the objective of making the tax filing system more transparent and curbing any frauds or malpractices. However, this latest announcement has put foreigners, including NRIs and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders, in a quandary. Also, expats working in India and earning here will be affected by this new rule of linking PAN card to Aadhar card. So the question that comes foremost to the mind is, can foreigners apply for Aadhar card?

Can foreigners apply for AADHAR Card?

The answer to this query is, Yes, they can apply for an Aadhar card. The announcement for allowing foreigners, including NRIs and OCI card holders being able to apply for Aadhar card, was made on Pravasi Divas last year. Considering the growing population of NRIs and the significant role they are playing in carrying the economy of the country forward, the announcement making them eligible for the Aadhar card was made. Thus, anyone who is residing in India for more than six months continuous can apply for an Aadhar card since it is not a proof of citizenship but rather a proof of identification.

As long as they are residing in India (more than six months continuous), NRIs, foreigners, OCI card holders can all apply for the Aadhar card. Only, they need to be present in person during the Aadhar card enrollment procedure, especially for biometric entry of data, such as retina scan and scanning of the fingerprint. They can carry out the application and enrollment procedure at any centre across India.

Aadhar Card NRI

AADHAR Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners- How to Apply?

The procedure to apply for Aadhar card is the same whether for a citizen of India or for foreigners and NRIs.

They first need to book an appointment for Aadhar card enrollment at any centre across India as per their convenience. This appointment can be booked online. A specified date and time will be allotted post the appointment, when the applicant needs to be present in person at the enrollment centre to fill in the details and biometric data. Post taking the appointment, the procedure is as follows-

  • Visit the nearest enrollment centre, selected online while taking appointment.
  • Ensure that all the required documents are with you. Also, it is recommended to reach the centre ahead of the appointed time.
  • Enter all the relevant details in the enrollment form.
  • These documents will be those that verify proof of identity and proof of address as well.
  • The authorities would also take a photograph for identification purpose that will appear on the card.
  • Post the submission of the form and the documents, biometric scanning of fingerprints and iris is to be duly provided.
  • This completes the procedure for application for an Aadhar card.
  • An enrollment slip will be provided after the procedure which can be used to track the status of the aadhar card, via the 14 digit enrollment number present on the card.

Document required to apply for AADHAR Card for NRIs-

The documents that need to be submitted by foreigners and NRIs for their Aadhar card application include

Proof of Identity

Proof of Date of Birth

For identity proof, they can submit a Green card or a similar document. Also, document, such as birth certificate, can be submitted to verify date of birth. An ID proof of the place of work for foreigners and NRIs can also be carried along to submit as identity proof.


Thus, any person residing in India, whether a citizen of India or not, can apply for an Aadhar card through an easy online procedure as well as visiting the enrollment centre. He or she can obtain an Aadhar card within the next 60 to 90 days post applying.

I hope you found this guide on AADHAR Card For NRIs useful, if you did please do share it with your friend’s & family. Please also leave your comments and feedback below. Your feedback and comment will help us bring you the best quality and relevant information on Aadhar Card India.

72 thoughts on “Aadhar Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners- Complete Guide 2017

    1. Actually it’s very confusing on one side the article says NRI are eligible to apply for the Adhaar card and on the other hand it says u should have stayed in India for 180+ days to apply for the card.
      If u are india for more than 180+ days u r no more a NRI and even if u r living away from your country of residence for more than six month u loose your residency.
      Will request UIDAI to give clear cut guidelines for NRIs as we want to make Adhaar Card.

        1. It is very clear that OCI or for that matter foreign nationals who are not of indian origin are eligible as long as they can provide evidence of living and working in India. Amongst various document needs, the 2 key documents are 1) A genuine address proof in India such as apartment lease, utility bill 2) PAN card. If you are not living in India and try to get Aadhar from agents using old address proofs then law will catch you. Govt is using big data analytics to catch urban fraudsters, rural is bit laced as Govt wants more rural inclusion.

      1. I agree with you.
        On the other hand it doesn’t stipulate any dates.
        Hence the interpretation Can be six months any time during your life!!

      2. Yes I too request UIDAI to make a clear statement about NRIs Adhaar Cards status. Also it should make clear that if some NRIs have already made Adhaar Card by mistake, how can they cancell it or suspend it temporarily.

    2. This information doe not help

      1. Which NRI or OCI can stay in India for 182 days just to get their aadhar card? (If you are a NRI and stay 182 days in India then technically you are not a NRI :)- )
      2. Even if OCIs stayed for 182 days the clerks on ground do not accept their foreign passport as identity proof. OCI card
      even though a Govt issued photo id is not accepted at centers.
      3. How will kids of OCIs or NRI (or they themselves ) born outside India inherit property without Aadhar card?
      4. All properties are being linked to Aadhar. How do NRIs and OCIs do that without aadhar?
      5. If this is for residents, then what happens to millions who leave India for over 182 days? do they loose their card?

      Bottomline, Modi sarkar does not care about NRIs/OCIs. Stop sending $71 billion remittance and that will wake it up.

  1. Some confusion!! When approached to the enrolment centre in Gujarat: Rajkot – Jamnagar and Ahmedabad, I was told that only local address is accepted/ Aadhaar card cannot be issued to foreigners as the address database is only for India residents and does not support other countries.

    1. Hello Amrit

      Hope you’re doing well !
      If you are a green card holder you will be requested to produce the connection you have with respective country. The documents will then be verified by the officials to determine whether or not you are eligible for an Aadhar card.

      For more clarity on the whole process i would suggest you to call there toll free number at 1947 (if you are still in india), if not get some one from india to call on your behalf.


      1. Hi
        I am a UK citizen and my comments are related to the same. is there is a different procedure for uk citizens?

        regards Amrit

        1. Hello Amrit

          The process is very much the same, the only thing is If you are a green card holder you will be requested to produce the connection you have with respective country. The documents will then be verified by the officials to determine whether or not you are eligible for an Aadhar card.


          1. Hello Amrit

            The answer is Yes, if you a citizen of that country, in your case U.K. Documentational proof will be required & they will be verified by the officials to determine whether or not you are eligible for an Aadhar card.


          2. Hi Amazing Aadharguide,

            Am an NRI owning Indian Property and have a locker at an Indian bank. With the rumour mill going in active mode, I am concerned if both my Indian property and Bank locker are safe WITHOUT a valid Aadhar card. I am very concerned and also believe this would be a confusion for many NRIs. Kindly advise asap.

            Thanks and Regards
            Sardar Sajid

  2. You mention- OCI Card Holders, NRI’s and Foreigners can apply for an Aadhar card if they wish to. They need to be present at any of the AADHAR card centers in India in person. In any location of India, they can proceed with the application procedure.
    Do you think it is feasible for so many NRIs who work overseas can be physically present.
    Why not have AADHAR centre at embassies ?

  3. Dear team


    I am an foreigner married to an Indian National.

    We visit India for holidays and visiting relatives and our period of stay is always less than 180 days in any year.

    Is it possible for me to apply for Aadhar Card. Kindly guide.

    I have all the documents that are necessary for submission.

    Thank you for your help

    1. Hello Kuniko

      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      An Aadhar card can be issued a person anyone residing in the country for more than six months continuous provided he/she submits one of the 18 identity cards listed and an address proof.
      There is no barrier in issuing Aadhar cards to foreigners if they submit the necessary documents.


  4. Dear team
    I am waiting for your response on my query – Foreigner living married to Indian and visiting/staying less than 180 days in all the previous years – can she apply and get aadhar card
    Thank you

  5. Hi There
    Thanks for informative artical. I am an NRI. Shortly the time is to file tax on my India income. Is Aadhar card must for it. I do have PAN card and if it is required how fast the card GETS issued, if I go through the application process in Jun17.

  6. In order to get Aadhar card one has to come and stay in India for six months. How is that possible if we are residing and working in United States.

    1. Hello Meena

      The new guidelines of UIDAI clearly status that NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners are only eligible to apply for Aadhar if they are residing in India for a period of over six month’s.

      Please bear in mind this 6 month’s rule doesn’t apply to citizen’s of india working or studying abroad. If you are an indian passport holder, you can apply for aadhar as normal.


  7. Greetings,
    Good info but still confused, I am a NRI holding Indian passport but never stayed six months in India, am I eligible to get an aadhar card.
    Appreciate your response.


    1. Hello Siddiqui

      Please bear in mind this 6 month’s rule doesn’t apply to citizen’s of india working or studying abroad. If you are an indian passport holder, you can apply for aadhar as normal.

      I hope this helps.


  8. I am a Singapore citizen.
    I hold a PAN Card & OCI Card.

    ****I do not come to India often and I cannot come to India just to apply for AADHAR Card, as it gets cost prohibitive.

    Firstly, is it compulsory/applicable for OCI/PIOs or only for NRIs & if so, what is the cut off time.
    If it is required, then I feel that the authorities should make arrangements for the embassies to issue them, just like they issued PIO/OCI Cards.

    Please advise.

    Mayur Vora

    1. Hello Mayur

      Aadhar card is not mandatory as of yet but it is well advised to get one at the earliest for your own benefit as most things in india from your bank account to income tax return’s are aadhar linked now a days.

      May be in future they might allow embassies with the authority to issue aadhar card’s but right now the only possible way of getting one is by visiting india & getting enrolled for it.


  9. NRI and requirement of more than six months continuous stay are contradictory… as per IT..a person is considered NRI only and only if he stays more than 180 days outside India…
    Can you pl. reclarify Aadhar card for NRI?
    In some articles I read ‘its illegal for NEI to possess Aadhar card’

  10. I am having OCI, and not possible for me to come India due to seviour health problem.. So how can I get Aadhar Card?

  11. Hello Sir,
    From the messages above stating-
    “The new guidelines of UIDAI clearly states that NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners are only eligible to apply for Aadhar if they are residing in India for a period of over six month’s.”

    I am a Singapore citizen – & I don’t reside in India. I am OCI holder & frequently visit India. So am I /not eligible to apply for Aadhar card since I didn’t reside for “continuous period of over six months”?

    1. Hello

      Unfortunately as the guidelines states clearly NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners are only eligible to apply for Aadhar if they are residing in India for a period of over six month’s, you won’t be able to apply for one.


  12. HI,

    Iam a NRI working in Singapore. Iam on employment pass and a Indian passport Holder. I do not reside in India for 182 days in one year.

    Iam going to India in June 2017. Can I apply for a Aadhar Card?

  13. Hello,
    I am residing in UAE and have a valid Indian Passport. I file my Income tax every year for the income generated in India (rent etc). How do I get the Aadhar card? And if I dont have Aadhar card how do I file my taxes?

    Prachi. S

  14. Hi
    Is it compulsory for ladies to apply for Adhaar card from in-laws house address or she can do it from parents house ?
    It is because we are NRI with Indian Passport.

  15. I am OCI holder living in Australia having bank a/c in India. Recently Aadhar has been made compusory for existing bank a/cs also. I cannot stay for 6 months in India, that means the a/c having interests on my investments there will get ceased if i do not get Aadhar card issued, in turn stay in India for 6 months. Please clarify. Thanks

  16. We are NRI’s, not resident or citizens of India since 2005. We have our property and maintaining NRO (for pension) and NRE bank account in India. We are not residing more then 2 month in India in any calendar year. We are filing our Income tax return regularly as a Non Resident India. Do we still have to apply for the Aadhar card in India? Is there any provision being made by Government in abroad consulates or embassies for the application,photographs and scanning process or online application process for NRI’s? Is the verification done immediately or do we have to make multiple trips to India for this? If successful application, will the card be mailed to us to our residence address abroad or do we have to come back again for another visit to personally collect the card? Please advise

  17. Hi…. I’m Karthik…. Working in UAE. I want to apply for aadhar card. In situations i couldn’t make it when i was on vacation. Is there any deadline or still i have time to make my aadhar card. Kindly guide me asap.

  18. I am a US Citizen with US Passport. I have OCI card and travel to India on vacation, every year or once in two years. My maximum stay in India is less than two months for each visit. I have two bank accounts in India, one in a private bank and the other in a public bank. I have a PAN card, and the banks, deduct income tax from the interest earned and sends the money to the tax authorities. I do not file income tax returns in India. My question is- do I need Aadhar card? Will my bank accounts be frozen if they do not link my PAN card with Aadhaar card? That is what I read in the local news papers in US.

  19. Thanks for the exhaustive information but still it leaves some doubts. Our children are overseas passport holders since ten years and will be visiting India quite often but for not more than few weeks. In their case is it possible to get Aadhar card? In its absence how to manage with their accounts, tax returns in India? Grateful for an early reply?

  20. Hello,
    I am a US citizen and hold OCI card. I do have PAN card. I visit India often but stay there only for 3-4 weeks at a time. I do not live in India consecutively for 6 months. I also do not have any permanent address in India anymore as I sold my condominium in Oct. 2016.
    Do I have to get this aadhar card?

  21. In one place it says Aadhaar Card is for identication purpose which has nothing to with citizenship and in other places it says applicant must be residing in India for more than 6 months. What a contradiction.

    From first statement all OCI holders having foreign citizenship and residing in foreign country can apply for Aadhaar card similar to as they can apply for PAN card. Since there is bio-metric data collection with fingerprint and IRIS scan etc. applicant should be physically present in India to complete the Aadhaar card application process.

    That 6 months residency requirement should be only for foreign citizens who does not qualify under PIO (Person of Indian Origin) category to be eligible to get OCI.

    Further Indian government should start Aadhaar card centers in foreign Embassies so that OCI, PIO, NRI who cannot or do not visit India also have a chance to apply for Aadhaar card by visiting their respective embassy to submit application along with bio-metric data (fingerprint, IRIS scan etc.)

  22. Hello,
    You have mentioned that NRI has to stay more than 6 months in India to get Aadhar card but it is not anywhere mentioned in its official site. Secondly, if any one is living in India for more than 6 months means that person is not NRI any more, but becomes Indian resident. Pl clarify.

  23. I’m a OCI card holder I’m lives in london
    Ihave no proofs in india how can i apply for adhaar..OCI is acceptable..

  24. Hi,
    I applied for my adhar card while I was india on June 28 2017. Now I am in USA and I haven’t received my adhar card yet. Online status shows that the record is not found. I am trying to check my status through enrollment number. Is there a number I can call from USA. My bank transactions are held off as my PAN card is not linked to adhar card.

  25. Total head scratcher !! NRI can not hang for 6 months but without that you can not get card. Without card multiple activities can be limited !! I am not seeing clear answer to all of us!

  26. Hello,

    My husband and we all stay in UAE. We visit India for vacations. We are NRI’s. My husband is not able to to visit India due to his work commitments. And Aadhar card last date being 31st August, can you please guide me. If there is any recent changes in the Law where it is complusory for a case like us that we have to have a Aadhar card..can we apply for it in future. Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Meghana

      The 31st of August dead line is with regards to linking aadhar with pan card for income tax filing. Aadhar application can be made anytime, there is no dead line associated with it.


  27. If the person is Indian passport and staying in US as his immigration status is in limbo, what is his chance to apply for aadhar card while staying in US?

    1. Hello

      As long as you hold an Indian passport you should be able to apply for an Aadhar with out an issue. The only thing is application can only be made from India.


  28. I am from Nepal. I am living in india for more than three years. If i take aadhar card will it effect my citizenship of Nepal.

  29. Dear team
    Gooday to you all
    am a foreigner
    And have all the required document
    I have pan card and my work place i. D proof,
    Can i apply for adharr card ?
    Will be happy to hear from you.
    My regards

  30. Hi Aadharguide:
    I am an NRI holding Australian passport. I have OCI card. I came here and stayed for 182 days as per requirement. I do not have address proof. I have properties in my name but the address listed is not Indian, since I purchased while I was outside India. My only query is I have only passport and OCI. Will this be enough for Birth certificate and address proof. The address listed in Passport is australian Address.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  31. I am a US Citizen. Please let me know, if I can transfer as a gift my ancestral land property in India to a blood relative.
    Are there any tax consequences in gifting or selling this property?

  32. My brother is who was born in India and at the age of 40 shifted to America and presently is a US citizen. He got the citizenship few months ago. He is holding a NRO account. He will be visiting India for about 20 days in Jan. 2018. Since it is required by the bank authorities to have the account linked to Aadhaar and he doesn’t have one, is he eligible to get an Aadhaar card? If yes, what are the documents required?

  33. Hello team,

    I am holding Uk citizen with OCI card. I have a property ( house) in my home town (ANDRAPRADESH , INDIA). There government office is asking me to come India and apply for Adharcard since it is mandatory to link to my property. They gave me very few days to complete this process.
    Is there any alternative for this process?

    Thanks .

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