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Aadhar Card not received

Once you apply for Aadhar card, it may take up to three months for you to get it. However, people do not receive it at times within the specified time period. If Aadhar card is not received at your address yet, you can receive it online or offline. However, you have to be sure that the Aadhar card is already generated.To know that the Aadhar card has been generated, here is how you can check your Aadhaar status.  

Checking your Aadhar Card status:

You may have to apply for aadhar card once again, if Aadhar Card is not received yet mainly under two conditions:

  1. You had applied for Aadhar prior to 1st April, 2012 and the status shows “cannot be processed due to technical reasons”
  2. Your application has been rejected by the UIDAI
  3. If it shows “ not found”


You may also contact the nearby Aadhar Card centre regarding the same. You can also seek help from the government helpline numbers or portal. Some of the important contact information is provided below:

  1. Call centre- 1947
  2. Email-

If Aadhar Card has been generated you can download it online or get it offline.


How to get Aadhar online?

You can get Aadhar online from the Aadhar website or download the mobile application.

In case an individual needs to download his or her eAadhar card, here are a few steps that one need to follow:

  • Initially, it is important for an individual to keep the enrollment number, date and time provided in their acknowledgment slip. This acknowledgment slip will be given to you when you are applying for  Aadhar application.
  • You then need to visit the website of UIDAI
  • Then either click on get eAadhar button on the right side of the page.
  • Or directly go to the e-Aadhar portal of  UIDAI. Click on this official link
  • Then You  need to select the option of “I have Aadhar” on the top bar.
  • Enter the Aadhar Number.
  • Now enter the name registered with aadhar center.
  • Also Enter the pin code of the area.
  • An image with the security code would appear next. You need to type that in the box given below.
  • Next click on get one time password button available.(Onetime password will be sent to the registered mobile number)
  • You will receive a one time password on your registered mobile number.
  • Fill that OTP in “enter OTP”box
  • Now you need to click on “validate and download button”
  • Click on save button after you get the pdf file.
  • You can open the Aadhar card form in any of the local system by entering the area pincode as the password.
  • You will get your e Aadhar in the PDF format,therefore, ensure that you have adobe reader installed in your computer else you will not be able to open the file.

Aadhar on Mobile:

To get your Aadhar details on mobile follow the following procedure:

  • Click on “get Aadhar number on mobile” link.
  • Fill in your 24 digit enrolment details, mobile number and security on the form.
  • Click on “ get OTP”. Once you receive the OTP on your registered mobile number enter the OTP in the page that follows.
  • You will receive your Aadhar details via SMS on your phone once you verify your number through the OTP.

If your aadhar is generated, then you may carry it in your mobile using mAadhar mobile application. The application syncs the users Aadhar details such as name, birth, gender, residential address, photograph and biometrics. The application also allows users to share their KYC and QR code easily with the service provider. Go to this  link  from your android phone to download the app. To download the m Aadhar app you require Aadhar number or QR code which are given on Aadhar Card.


How to get Aadhar Card Offline?

People who are not well-versed or comfortable with the technology can visit the nearest Aadhar Enrolment centre. At the enrolment centre fill and submit the form. Get your information and biometrics verified. Once your details are verified you will receive your Aadhar at your residential address.

Customer support details:

If you face any kind of issue regarding your Aadhar Card you can seek help from the government helpline numbers or website:

  • Call centre: 1800 180 1947
  • Fax number: 080 2353 1947
  • Email:
  • Postal address: Post office box 1947, GPO Bangalore- 560001

FAQ on not received your Aadhar card:

Q.I have not received my Aadhar Card what should i do?

A.You can download the Aadhar Card online  from UIDAI’s official website if you know your Aadhar number. You can also visit your Aadhar enrolment centre to get your Aadhar card in case Aadhar Card is not received.


Q.What to do if OTP for Aadhar services is not received on you mobile number?

A.You can verify your Aadhar number linked with Aadhar. If it is not the same you can get it updated by visiting the nearby enrolment Aadhar centre.

Q.In how many days is the Aadhar card received at the residential address of the applicant?

A.The Aadhar card is received on the residential address within 90 days of Aadhar enrolment.

Q.Can i get a copy of my Aadhar after updating my name or address in it?

A. Aadhar card can be downloaded as the data is updated. It is easy and instant and can be downloaded as number of times as you want to.


Q.I have updated the address in the Aadhar card. Will UIDAI send the updated Aadhar card through post?

A.Yes, UIDAI sends the updated Aadhar card at your residential address by post.


Q.How to track the Aadhar card through india post in case the document is not delivered?

A.You can visit india’s post website and enter the tracking number to check the delivery status.

I hope you found this guide useful, please support us by sharing it with your friend’s & family. If you need any help or have any questions please contact us by commenting below and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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