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Aadhar Card UIDAI Important Update- Must Read Aadhar Crackdown Launched by UIDAI against unauthorised websites

Friends as you are all aware that your Aadhar Card UIDAI contains lots of confidential information about yourselves. It is very important that you don’t share your Aadhar Card UIDAI information with any unauthorized person or websites.


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Unique Identification Authority of India UIDAI has recently shut down 50 websites and applications. They were offering Aadhar Card UIDAI based services illegally and unauthorized by the authorities. This is a result of Supreme Court recent remarks over Aadhar Card UIDAI information being collected by Private Companies.

Authorities will be taking Zero Tolerance approach on Organisations or Individuals Misusing Aadhar Card UIDAI information:

Aadhar Card UIDAI


Aadhar Card UIDAI is now in the hands of 99% of Indian Adult Population. Misusing somebodies Aadhar Card UIDAI information is a punishable offense in India. With the recent crackdown on 50 websites and applications, UIDAI has commented that they have violated Section 38 Chapter VII of Aadhar Act.

UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey commented that As “As per Section 70 of the IT Act, the Government has declared the UIDAIs Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) facilities, Information assets, logistics infrastructure and dependencies installed at UIDAI locations to be critically protected system”


All of these 50 websites and applications were collection Aadhar Card UIDAI enrolment details and Data that could be used in an illegal manner.  According to UIDAI these websites and applications were using unauthorized techniques to make people give their Aadhar Card Details

The importance of Keeping Aadhar Card details safe:

As you can see from the above that your Aadhar card details in wrong hands can be used in many illegal ways. You should be careful about whom you share your Aadhar Card details with. Please only use UIDAI websites for applying, making changes and downloading your Aadhar Card online.

Let me also remind you that there is no need for Aadhar Card to be printed on plastic Cards. You can just print it on a piece of paper and laminate it.

I hope you will find the above article useful. Please share this with all your friends and family to create awareness around sharing of Aadhar Card information.


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