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All necessary forms related to the Provident Fund

The Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF has a number of different forms specific for the task you need to carry out. Below are various types of forms:

All EPFO Forms


  • Form 13 (Revised)

This form is used for transferring a member’s Provident Fund account from one company to that of another company or establishment as per the scheme or under the act.


  • Form 14

This form is needed as application when the provident fund is used to finance a life insurance policy.


  • Form 19 (EPF complete withdrawal/final settlement)

This form needs to be submitted by a member in order to withdraw an entire accumulated amount at the time of retirement, termination from service or when leaving the service. This is also known as final settlement.


  • Form 20

In case of demise of the member, his family members or nominee can claim the provident fund accumulated of the member by submitting this form.


  • Form 31(EPF advance/partial withdrawal)

This form is needed for taking an advance or withdrawing from the provident fund by the member as per the scheme. A part of money can be withdrawn at the time of emergency during the employment period.If you are withdrawing at the ground of unemployment you have to fill form 31. The purpose of withdrawal has to be mentioned in the form. The approval of claimed amount depends upon the funds accumulated in the members EPF account and also on the allowable limit.


  • Form 10- C (Pension withdrawal)

If you want to withdraw the pension, form 10-C should be filled. Thus on the ground of unemployment you have to fill form 31 and form 10-C. The fields in this form are similar to that in form 19. The pension amount is regulated by the Employees pension scheme  1950 whereas the PF amount is regulated by the Employees provident fund scheme 1952. So if you want to withdraw both the PF and the pension amounts you have to fill both the forms separately.


  • Form 10- D

This form is to be submitted by the first claimant, who could be the member or his/her widow or widower, orphan or any other nominee, whatever the case maybe.


  • Composite Claim Form

While applying for the withdrawal offline, you need to fill the composite form which serves the purpose of three forms-Form 19 (Final PF settlement), Form 10-C (For pension withdrawal), and form 31 (For part withdrawal)


  • Pensioner certificate

This certificate includes the Life certificate as well as the certification of non remarriage.


  • Form 2

This is a form for nomination along with declaration of exempted and unexempted establishments.



  • Form 5

It has the Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme 1952 (Para 36(2) (a)) and also the Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995 (Para 20(4)). It serves the purpose of the submission of details of the first time members of EPFO in particular month.

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  • Form 5(I.F)

This form is to be filled by the person who is eligible to receive the EPF dues of the member who passed away while still in the services.


  • Statement IW- 1

This is a statement of Employees who are qualifying to for membership under the scheme but as international workers.


  • ASR

It stands for ‘Advance Stamped Receipt’.


  • Form 3A

This is for the ‘employees’ provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 35 & 42)’ and also the ‘employees’ pension scheme, 1995 (PARA 20)’. It depicts the month wise  contributions made by the subscriber/member and employer towards pension funds and EPF in a particular year.


  • Form 6A

Similar to the previous form, this form represents the ‘employees’ provident fund scheme, 1952 and the employees’ pension scheme, 1995’. It is a consolidated annual contribution statement. It contains details about the annual contributions of each member of the establishment.


  • Form 9 (Revised)

This form represents the ‘employees’ provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 36(1))’ and also the ‘employees’ pension scheme, 1995 (PARA (20)’. It is commonly known as the declaration form. This form is basically used when the member is taking up the employment where both the schemes are available such as Employees pension scheme and Employees provident Fund Scheme.


  • Form 12A

It represents the Employee’s Provident Fund and Misc. Provision Act, 1952.


  • Challan

This is the combined challan for the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) account numbers 1,2,10,21 and also 22.


  • Form BN

This is the form needed for allotment of the BN.


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