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How to update KYC for EPF UAN

The Universal account number was introduced in 2014 and ever since that all processes associated with Employees’ Provident Fund have become easier and quicker. Your UAN is necessary to upload your KYC in EPF.

The government has made it mandatory for employees to link their EPF account with Aadhar and other documents. People can update their KYC details quite easily through online portal. Updating your KYC details provides wide range of benefits like easy operation of accounts, low TDS on withdrawals, etc.

Steps to update your KYC details:

It is very simple to update your KYC details in the EPF account. Users have to follow following steps in order to update their details at the EPF Portal.




  • Under the “Manage” section click on the “KYC” option from the drop down list.
  • The form of KYC details updating will open. You can fill number of details such as Aadhar, PAN,  Ration card, passport , driving licence, election card, National Population register (NPR) and bank details.
  • Click on the box in front of the detail you want to update. You need to enter the document number, name as per the document, and also the additional details such as IFSC in case of bank details and expiry date in case of passport and driving licence.
  • Click on the save button and all the changes made by you will be saved under the “Pending KYC section”
  • If you donot want your details to be updated, you can cancel the KYC process by clicking on the X sign marked against the document before it is verified by the EPFO.
  • The details are then verified by the EPFO from the data of the concerned department.
  • Once the details matches, verified is marked in front of the document.

Updating contact details in your EPF account:

Along with the KYC details you can also update your contact details through EPF portal, Online.Here are the steps of how you can update the contact details:

  • Login to your EPF account using your UAN and password.
  • In the “Manage” Section, click on the “ Contact details” option in the drop down.
  • The mobile number and the email address is already added to the EPF account. These details were taken at the time of the activation of the account.
  • Tick on the box against “Change mobile number” option or “ change email ID” option to update the details and then click on “ Get Authorization Pin button.”
  • Once you enter the Authorization pin sent to you through an OTP on your mobile number, your mobile/phone/email details will be updated in your EPF account. This might take some time.


Once the KYC details are updated, there are variety of benefits that can be availed. Some of them are:

  1. Smooth transfer of EPF accounts.
  2. Online withdrawal claim can be processed only when KYC details are seeded with the UAN.
  3. In case the member withdraws his PF before 5 years of service,a TDS of 10% is levied against the amount if PAN is updated in the account. In case PAN is not updated, TDS charge increases to 34.608%
  4. Members get a monthly SMS intimating the monthly PF after activation.


1.Is it mandatory to update KYC details online?

No, it is not mandatory to update the KYC online. However, if one update the KYC it will keep your data up to date. It helps in reducing the time required for transfer of EPF money from one account to another and withdrawal of EPF amou

2. How long does it take for KYC documents to be approved?

It generally takes 3 to 5 working days for the documents to be reviewed and  approved.

3.  To view the status of the documents, do i need to visit the UAN portal daily?

No, you are not required to visit the UAN portal daily. You will be notified through  SMS once the documents are reviewed and approved.

4.     Do i need to upload the documents on EPFO portal?

No, you are not required to upload your documents on EPFO portal. Only the name as per the document and the document number must be specified.

5.  For the queries regarding EPFO whom should i contact?

The helpline number regarding all the queries is 1800118005.For technical  support you can contact them on                  



Check EPF balance Online: Through EPF Portal, Umang app., Missed call and SMS

The most common question which is asked by the employees is how to check the accumulated EPF balance in their EPF account. Along with your contribution, your employer transfers some amount in your EPF account every month.The monthly contributions made by you and your employers is reflected in the EPF Passbook. It also tells the total amount in Your EPF account. Some of the amount is also deposited in the Employees’ Pension Scheme or EPS. Checking of the EPF balance online makes it convenient to be up to date about the funds in your account.

Earlier, Employees had to wait for the Employer to furnish their EPF statement that was done at the end of every year. Now they can easily check their EPF balance online and offline.

There are two Online methods:

  1. EPF Portal
  2. Umang app on mobile

The offline methods are:

  1. SMS
  2. Missed Call Service

Let us find out how to check EPF balance in detail:


a.) EPF balance check using EPF Portal: Members of the EPFO can check their balance by visiting the official website of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Here is a step by step guide to check EPF balance using UAN on EPFO portal.

Step 1: Visit the official EPFO Website-

Step 2: Login to the EPFO website and click on “ our services” tab. From the our services drop down menu, click on “For Employees”. You will be redirected to

Step 3: From the services menu click on “ Member Passbook”. You will be redirected to the login page.You can also directly visit the page by clicking on this link:

Step 4: Login with your UAN and Password.

Step 5: After logging in, you will find member IDs of all accounts linked with your UAN. This means your EPF account with your current and previous employers.

Step 6: Click on the member ID of the EPF account for which you want to check the balance. The EPF Passbook will appear on the screen.

Points to remember:

Few important points one should keep in mind about the EPF balance check by visiting the website are:

  • Only those members who have activated their UAN and have themselves registered on the UAN member portal can check their EPF Balance through this particular method.
  • Once registered,the facility of viewing passbook will be available after 6 hours of registering on UAN member portal.
  • If any changes are made in UAN member portal, the same will reflect on the website after 6 hours.
  • The passbook will show the latest entries that have been reconciled by the EPFO field officers.
  • If you have stopped contributing to your EPF account for more than 3 years, your account will be inoperative. Also, Settled members, Exempted Establishments members and members of the inoperative accounts will not be able to viwe their passbook on the EPFO Website.

b) Checking the balance on UMANG app:

Through the centralised mobile app of the government, various services are provided by EPFO. The app is launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can be used to view EPF Passbook, EPF balance, EPF settlements and the status of EPF Claims.The app is known as Umang.This app can be downloaded from the google play store/ app store. Members can check their balance and download their passbook on this app.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download the application from the play store/ App store or by directly clicking on

Step 2: Open the Umang app on your smart phone and select EPFO.

Step 3: Click on the “Employee Centric Services”

Step 4: Click on “view Passbook” to check your EPF Balance.

Step 5: Enter your UAN and click on get OTP to send the OTP on the registered mobile number.Enter the OTP and click on login.

Step 6: Select the member ID of the company for which you want to check the EPF Balance.

Step 7:Your passbook will be displayed on the screen along with your EPF Balance.

c) Check EPF balance without UAN:

Those employees who have not created their UAN yet can also view their EPF Balance using the PF account number which can also be found on the Payslip. Once the individual login to the EPFO Portal they have to enter few details like state where he/she resides, mobile number etc to view the EPF Balance.


a) Checking EPF balance by sending an SMS: The members of EPFO can also check their balance just by sending an SMS to 7738299899. The format of the SMS should be:


So, if your UAN is 123456789000 and the preferred language is english, the SMS you need to send is “EPFOHO 123456789000ENG”. The language code will be the first three letters of the language for example ENG for English, MAR for Marathi.

EPFO offers its SMS facility in the following languages:-

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Bengali

This facility can be used only if your UAN is active and seeded with your Aadhar, Bank account and PAN. If you have not seeded your UAN with the above documents, first you have to complete the eKYC with UAN.

b) Checking EPF balance by giving Missed call:

The easiest way of checking your balance is by giving a missed call on this number- 011-22901406. However a member should fulfill the following requirements in order to use this facility:

  • The members UAN should be activated.
  • The member’s mobile number should be registered with the UAN as the missed call will be valid only if made from a registered number.
  • The UAN is seeded with other important documents like PAN, Aadhar and bank accounts.

EPF Customer care:

To solve any account related queries and to help customers know their EPF status at ease , EPFO has launched various mobile and web based services. You may register your grievances by dialling the EPFO India helpline number 1800118005. The PF regulator is also handling its presence in social media to handle grievances and requests from members. The Social networking platform comes as an additional support to the online public grievances addressing system of regional EPF Centres. Information about the regional offices is given at the EPFO Website.

At the end of each Salary period, annual statements of EPF account will be made available at the EPFO website, which can be downloaded by the employers through e Sewa Portal.

Here is the step by step procedure to download EPF balance statement:

  • Type the Url in the browser.
  • Click on the link “for Employers” in the EPFO homepage.
  • Under the services listed in the page select”ECR Challan submission”
  • It will navigate to the Employer Sewa Page
  • Click on “employer E-Sewa” link given on the page and sign in using your credentials.
  • In the download tab, select download PF slips and choose your desired location to save the PDF.


1.Can i check EPF Balance using Aadhar number??

A.)No, You cannot check Your EPF balance using Aadhar number. You have to provide your UAN to check your EPF balance through any procedure.

    2.  How to check EPF balance through PF number??

You do not require PF number for checking the EPF balance. You have to use your UAN and password to check the EPF balance online.

    3.   Is it possible to check the EPF Balance of the previous organization?

All EPF accounts linked to the UAN will be displayed on the screen while you login to EPF portal. You have to select the respective member ID in order to check the EPF balance of a specific account.

    4.   Is there a method to check EPF balance using PAN?

PAN is not required to check the EPF balance. However, you should link your UAN and EPF to avail various online services related to EPF

  5. Is it possible to check the EPF balance by giving a missed call or sending SMS through unregistered mobile number? In order to check the EPF balance you need to register your mobile number. To avail all the services, it is mandatory to link your mobile number to

In order to check the EPF balance you need to register your mobile number. To avail all the services, it is mandatory to link your mobile number to

Learn to Login to EPFO Member Portal or EPFO Login

EPFO stands for the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization and offers the following services –

  • Employees’ Pension Scheme (1995)
  • Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (1976)
  • Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (1952)


The EPFO falls under the Government of India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment. Employees can find information regarding their Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF via the EPFO member’s portal.  Members are provided with an online EPF Account Passbook and they can login via this passbook into the portal to check their EPF balance. However, to find out the current EPF balance, the portal requires you to have the EPF receipts which are received at the end of the year.

But the advantage of the website is the convenience with which your entire account details can be viewed online after you have registered your details and logged in to the member’s portal. Also when the e-passbook is available, an SMS is received on your registered mobile number.


Steps to login to the EPFO member portal

  • The first step is to be an EPF member or have an EPF.
  • For registration, you have to fill in all the relevant details at the site’s main page.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the correct document type is mentioned while filling out the details because every time you wish to Login you will have to enter the same details entered during registration. For instance, if you want to use your PAN card for registering into the portal, you need to select the option of ‘PAN number’ in the drop down menu titled ‘Select Any One Document’. After registering, you can subsequently log in to the EPFO Members Portal.
  • When entering details to get your PIN number, check the details before submitting them.
  • An authorized PIN will be obtained after submission of all the details.
  • You will be registered into the portal after entering the authorization PIN.


Upon entering the document type with document number and mobile number you can enter the online member portal and download the EPF passbook successfully from the website.


Points to note while registering and logging in to the EPFO member portal

There are a few pointers to consider while logging into the EPF Members Portal –

  • While registering online into the portal, you can use or enter only one mobile number.
  • Multiple ID numbers can be added by you, but while logging in the portal, you can use any one of the ids with the mobile number.
  • It is vital for your employer to upload the electronic receipt or challan plus return from the wages of May 2012 onwards, to help you make use of the members’ portal facility. Post this step, you can register and view your e-passbook for your EPF account.
  • Under one employer you can, as a registered member, view details of only one account. In case you have more accounts under one employer, you have to fill out the form number 13 with relevant details to apply for a transfer of accounts.
  • In case of accounts under different establishments or organizations, you can view 10 different accounts under the different organizations. Also, you can view the accounts a number of times.
  • For registering and logging into the portal, you only require any one of the identification proofs – PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, National Population Register, passport or driving license, along with the mobile number. You need not have to create a user ID and password.
  • An official request needs to be made via official channels in order to gain access to the facility to view inoperative accounts. However, it must be noted that this facility is unavailable for present members of the organization which are exempted under the EPF Scheme, 1952


UAN Portal and umbrella

A Universal Account Number or UAN was announced by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to provide portability of Provident Fund number. Several facilities can be accessed via the EPFO’s UAN member portal –

If an individual has several member IDs under different establishments or organisations, then the UAN acts like an umbrella. This is done by linking multiple Member Identification Numbers of a single member. If a UAN number has already been allotted to you, you can provide it to your new employer to enable him to mark your new member ID under the given UAN. You must first get in touch with your establishment or organisation to obtain your UAN. Then activate your member’s portal registration by using the UAN. This helps provide access to facilities, such as downloading UAN card, updation of KYC related information as well as access and updation of the member’s passbook. Only active members can currently register under the UAN.

How to Withdraw EPF Money Partially / Non Refundable Loan

As we are all aware, EPF is the Employees’ Provident Fund which is considered like a retirement fund towards which your employer contributes. If you want to withdraw EPF money partially from the EPF account, you could do so. It will be a non-refundable loan. However, it is not advised unless there is a severe or urgent need for funds and withdrawing from the EPF is the last resort. Even then you have to prove that your requirement for funds is genuine. Also, the officials go through the application thoroughly before allowing the partial withdrawal.


There are certain situations when you can apply for a non-refundable loan or an advance from the provident fund. These are –

  • Higher education
  • Medical treatment
  • Marriage
  • Home loan or buying a home
  • Natural calamity
  • Lockout in company
  • Withdrawal before retirement


Higher education

A non-refundable loan can be applied for on the EPF for higher education of the account owner himself/herself or for blood relations, such as the daughter, son, sister or brother. However, the following conditions must be met with to apply for a loan for education –

  • Having completed service of 7 years
  • The withdrawal can be of only 50% the EPF balance
  • This loan can be applied for a maximum of only three times in your lifetime


Medical treatment

Given the high cost of medical treatments in the present time, you can withdraw money from your provident fund for medical emergencies, before you have retired. This is as per para 68(J) EPF and the MP act of 1952.

The points to consider when applying for this loan are-

  • The loan must be for the medical treatment of yourself or your spouse, children, or parents who are dependent on you.
  • The patient must be hospitalized for at least a month.
  • If the loan is for self, then you must be on leave from the company.
  • The loan can be applied for diseases, such as heart disease (without need for hospitalization), paralysis, tuberculosis, cancer, mental disorder and leprosy.
  • The amount withdrawn can be six times (basic pay + dear allowance (DA)).
  • A loan can be taken any number of times for medical treatments.
  • Proof from the hospital and/or specialized doctors must be provided as and when required for availing loans for medical treatments.



You can apply for a partial loan for the marriage of yourself or that of your blood relations, such as brother, sister, daughter, or son, while you are still working as per the para 68(K) EPF and the MP act of 1952. Proof or supporting documentation, such as the marriage invitation card, must be provided to avail the loan for marriage. Following conditions must also be met-

  • Must have completed a service of 7 years in the company.
  • Loan can be applied for 50% of the balance present in EPF.
  • Can apply for loans for marriages for maximum of three times in your entire life.


Construction or buying a home or plot

Buying a home or constructing one is a costly affair even though it is a dream for everyone to have their own home. Considerable thought must be given to withdrawing from EPF for purchase or construction of your house because the EPF account is your retirement fund. If you decide to apply for nonrefundable loan from EPF, the following conditions must be met –

  • You must have completed 5 years of service in the company.
  • The house you wish to purchase or build must either be in your name or that of your spouse.
  • There should be no other partner or joint holder apart from you and the spouse.
  • The loan can be applied for only once in your lifetime.
  • The amount you can apply for, for construction of or purchase of your house, is 36x (basic pay + dear allowances).
  • Submission of Form 31 is needed for this loan application.
  • In case of buying a plot, you can withdraw 24x (basic pay + DA) .
  • The purchase agreement needs to be submitted if you are buying the house or plot.
  • If you wish to alter or make additions to the old house, you can withdraw up to 12x (basic pay + DA).
  • Loan for alterations can be applied for only after 5 years of construction.
  • Loan for repair of house can be applied for after 10 years of its construction.


Repayment of home loan

For the repayment of home loan, you must have completed 10 years of service to apply for a partial loan withdrawal on your EPF.


Natural calamity

There are no rules for applying for loan for withdrawal in the event of natural calamity other than withdrawing under para 68(L) EPF and MP act of 1952. The amount withdrawn can be only 50% of the contribution made by the employer. The proof of damages done by the calamity must be submitted.


Lockout in company

When the company you work for is not being able to pay you your salary, you can withdraw from your EPF to meet with the daily basic needs. This is however not recommended as EPF is your retirement corpus but if there is no alternative you can apply for loan under para 68(H) EPF and MP act 1952, when the following conditions are met –

  • The company is closed for minimum of 15 days and you have not received your salary for minimum 2 months.
  • The amount you can withdraw is the (basic pay + DA) that has not been paid to you. The employee contribution in the account should be more than what you can withdraw.
  • If the company is closed for more than 6 months and you are still unemployed, you can withdraw the entire employer contribution amount.


Withdrawal before retirement

Under para 68(NN) EPF and the MP act 1952, you can withdraw the EPF 1 year before your retirement. The pre-retirement withdrawal needs you to

  • Be above 54 years of age
  • Up to 90% of the EPF can be withdrawn.
  • Proof in the form of a certificate needs to be obtained from the employer to validate the date of retirement.


Procedure to apply for non-refundable loan or advance from the PF or provident fund

You need to submit Form 31 to the concerned Provident Fund office after getting the form attested from your employer. Also, carry required documentation to apply for the advance.


There is no need to carry employer attestation if your UAN has been activated and linked to your Aadhaar card as well as bank account. In that case simply submit the New Form 31.

All necessary forms related to the Provident Fund

The Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF has a number of different forms specific for the task you need to carry out. Below are various types of forms:

All EPFO Forms


  • Form 13 (Revised)

This form is used for transferring a member’s Provident Fund account from one company to that of another company or establishment as per the scheme or under the act.


  • Form 14

This form is needed as application when the provident fund is used to finance a life insurance policy.


  • Form 19 (EPF complete withdrawal/final settlement)

This form needs to be submitted by a member in order to withdraw an entire accumulated amount at the time of retirement, termination from service or when leaving the service. This is also known as final settlement.


  • Form 20

In case of demise of the member, his family members or nominee can claim the provident fund accumulated of the member by submitting this form.


  • Form 31(EPF advance/partial withdrawal)

This form is needed for taking an advance or withdrawing from the provident fund by the member as per the scheme. A part of money can be withdrawn at the time of emergency during the employment period.If you are withdrawing at the ground of unemployment you have to fill form 31. The purpose of withdrawal has to be mentioned in the form. The approval of claimed amount depends upon the funds accumulated in the members EPF account and also on the allowable limit.


  • Form 10- C (Pension withdrawal)

If you want to withdraw the pension, form 10-C should be filled. Thus on the ground of unemployment you have to fill form 31 and form 10-C. The fields in this form are similar to that in form 19. The pension amount is regulated by the Employees pension scheme  1950 whereas the PF amount is regulated by the Employees provident fund scheme 1952. So if you want to withdraw both the PF and the pension amounts you have to fill both the forms separately.


  • Form 10- D

This form is to be submitted by the first claimant, who could be the member or his/her widow or widower, orphan or any other nominee, whatever the case maybe.


  • Composite Claim Form

While applying for the withdrawal offline, you need to fill the composite form which serves the purpose of three forms-Form 19 (Final PF settlement), Form 10-C (For pension withdrawal), and form 31 (For part withdrawal)


  • Pensioner certificate

This certificate includes the Life certificate as well as the certification of non remarriage.


  • Form 2

This is a form for nomination along with declaration of exempted and unexempted establishments.



  • Form 5

It has the Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme 1952 (Para 36(2) (a)) and also the Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995 (Para 20(4)). It serves the purpose of the submission of details of the first time members of EPFO in particular month.

link :


  • Form 5(I.F)

This form is to be filled by the person who is eligible to receive the EPF dues of the member who passed away while still in the services.


  • Statement IW- 1

This is a statement of Employees who are qualifying to for membership under the scheme but as international workers.


  • ASR

It stands for ‘Advance Stamped Receipt’.


  • Form 3A

This is for the ‘employees’ provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 35 & 42)’ and also the ‘employees’ pension scheme, 1995 (PARA 20)’. It depicts the month wise  contributions made by the subscriber/member and employer towards pension funds and EPF in a particular year.


  • Form 6A

Similar to the previous form, this form represents the ‘employees’ provident fund scheme, 1952 and the employees’ pension scheme, 1995’. It is a consolidated annual contribution statement. It contains details about the annual contributions of each member of the establishment.


  • Form 9 (Revised)

This form represents the ‘employees’ provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 36(1))’ and also the ‘employees’ pension scheme, 1995 (PARA (20)’. It is commonly known as the declaration form. This form is basically used when the member is taking up the employment where both the schemes are available such as Employees pension scheme and Employees provident Fund Scheme.


  • Form 12A

It represents the Employee’s Provident Fund and Misc. Provision Act, 1952.


  • Challan

This is the combined challan for the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) account numbers 1,2,10,21 and also 22.


  • Form BN

This is the form needed for allotment of the BN.


How to Withdraw Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)is a saving scheme under the Government Of India developed by Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). It is said to be a retirement corpus, which includes a part of employee’s salary getting deposited every month. It has an interest of more than 8 percent and comes with wide range of facilities like insurance coverage. The interest earned on PF account is tax free if withdrawn after 5 years of PF account opening. One has to wait for at least 2 months to apply for the withdrawal. Employees Provident Fund or EPF now has a significant online presence as the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) offers a number of services online. This is especially helpful for retired employees or those who have left their jobs and who wish to withdraw from their PF. They need to fill in a PF Withdrawal form in order to make the withdrawal and now that these forms are available online, it has become very convenient for members of the EPFO to fill and submit the forms.

There are various types of forms which need to be downloaded and filled when you, an employee, are changing jobs or quitting altogether. Forms 10C and 19 are especially significant to be filled. Information and links to download each form is given below.

Various type of  EPF Withdrawal Form:

  • Form 19

Those wishing to withdraw the complete provident fund amount need to fill out Form 19. The EPF can be withdrawn in every situation irrespective of you retiring from service or leaving the present service or being terminated.

  • Form 10C

One form that is needed to be filled along with Form 19 as well as Form 20 is EPF Form 10C. This form needs to be submitted for EPF settlement under the previous Family Pension Fund or for EPF withdrawal under the recent EPS 95 or better known as New Employees Pension Scheme. This form is also required to be submitted for issuing of certificate to retain membership under the EPF scheme, provided the age of applicant is below 58 years.

  • Form 13

This form is required to be submitted while wanting to transfer your EPF account to the present employer from that of the previous employer or company.

  • Form 14

The form is required when you wish to use your EPF amount to finance your Life Insurance Corporation or LIC policy.

  • Form 10 D

The form 10 D is also called the pension form and is needed for a person to get their pension. This form can be used to apply for a pension by the person himself or by the nominee of that person. In case of a nominee, Nomination form 2 will be needed for him or her to claim the pension.

  • EPF Form 20

In the event of the death of the concerned EPFO member, a member of the family can apply to claim the EPF amount of the member by submitting form 20. Other documents that need to be submitted along with this form include form 2, death certificate and the children’s birth certificate.

  • Form 31

In case you want to withdraw from the EPF account in advance or make a loan payment with it, you need to submit form 31. Therefore, this form is also referred to as Advance EPF Withdrawal Form or EPF Advance Form. The amount can be withdrawn in advance for various reasons ranging from medical treatments, loans, marriage or house loans.

Composite Claim Form: While applying for the EPF offline, you are required to fill the composite form which serves the purpose of three forms- Form 19 (For final PF settlement), Form 10 C (For pension withdrawal), Form 31 (for part withdrawal of PF amount)

Steps to withdraw PF using the PF Withdrawal Form

  • First you need to download the relevant form, for example form 31 or form 19.
  • After filling out the relevant forms, they need to be submitted to the respective regional Provident Fund office.
  • However before submitting the form, it needs to be attested by any gazetted officer or any manager of a bank. The form can also be attested from a postmaster or a sub postmaster, from a Magistrate or from the village panchayat President, Any Bank Manager or A Gazetted Officer.
  • The EPF can also be withdrawn using the Universal Account Number (UAN) number. If using the UAN number, signature of the employer is not needed.

The details to be filled in the form include –

  • PF account number
  • Bank account number
  • The bank’s IFSC code
  • Joining date and
  • Date of leaving

This information on forms and the details to be submitted will make withdrawal of EPF easy for you.

At the time of filing an online withdrawal claim, you will find three EPF withdrawal forms:

  • PF Advance- Form 31
  • Only PF Withdrawal-Form 19
  • Only pension Withdrawal- Form 10 C

Points to remember before making PF withdrawal claim online

You can claim your PF online only if you meet the following conditions:

  • You must be alloted a UAN number and it should be activated.
  • Your mobile number must be registered with UAN
  • Your bank details must be seeded into the UAN
  • Your PAN and Aadhar should be seeded into the EPFO database

EPF withdrawal Portal

Provident Fund can be withdrawn through UAN member Portal. The member firstly has to activate his UAN and then login to the portal to withdraw the funds online.This portal can also be used to transfer funds from the old PF account to the new PF account. Various other activities such as eKYC, contact details, update etc can also be performed through this portal.

Easy steps for Online PF Withdrawal:

Online EPF withdrawal is quite an easy process. It requires net banking. Steps to be followed are:

  1. visit the UAN member portal. This portal is helpful for UAN services.

2. Login by using your UAN and password. You can reset your password in case you have forgotten it. An OTP will be send to your mobile number for authentication.

3. Check that KYC should be approved and linked to your UAN. To check the KYC status go through the manage—–>KYC. You give your approval to UIDAI to share your credentials with the EPFO. This authentication procedure is ended by the approval by an employer.

4. In the UAN dashboard click on the link as “Online Services”.This dashboard provides many more services such as change nomination, change your KYC details.One can also download the UAN Card and view service history.

5. click at claim (Form 31, 19 and 10 c).Now authenticate the Aadhar. An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number. After submitting the OTP one can fill the EPF withdrawal claim form.Once the form is submitted you will get a claim confirmation copy. Save it with you.

6. Members details will be displayed on the screen. Enter the last four digits of your bank account and click on verify.

7. Click on “Yes” to sign the certificate of undertaking and proceed further.

8. Now click on “Proceed for online claim”option.

9. Click on “PF advance (form 31)” to withdraw your funds online.

10. A fresh section of the form will be opened from where you have to select the “Purpose for which advance is required”, the amount required and the Employees’ address.

All the options for which the employee is not eligible for the withdrawal will be mentioned in Red.

11. Tick on the certification and submit your application.

12. Scanned documents might be needed depending upon the purpose for which you have filled the form.

13. Your Employer has to approve the withdrawal request. After that the money will be withdrawn from your EPF Account and deposited in the bank account mentioned while filling in the withdrawal form.

An SMS notification will be sent to the registered mobile number. Once the claim is processed, the amount will be transferred to the bank account. Usually it takes 15 to 20 days for the money to be credited, although no formal time limit has been provided by the EPFO

PF withdrawal or EPF Claim status :

Status of EPF withdrawal can be checked online at the EPF member Portal. Firstly login to the Portal online and select the “Track Claim status” in the online services section. No reference number is needed to check the status. The status will be displayed on the screen automatically.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and EPFO

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)  scheme India was enacted in the year 1952 replacing the Employee Provident Fund Ordinance, 1951. The EPF Scheme is now known as Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. This is a kind of scheme providing retirement benefits which is available to all paid employees, and hence this scheme is really an important tool for planning your retirement.


EPFO stands for the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization and offers the following services –

  • Employees’ Pension Scheme (1995)
  • Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (1976)
  • Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (1952)

The EPFO is a statutory body that falls under the Government of India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment. Employees can find information regarding their Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF via the EPFO member’s portal.  Members are provided with an online EPF Account Passbook and they can login via this passbook into the portal to check their EPF balance. However, to find out the current EPF balance, the portal requires you to have the EPF receipts which are received at the end of the year.

Know Your EPF Balance Online

  • First of all you need to get your PF number. It is an alphanumeric number (First two letters represent regional office) For example, if the PF number is DL/54673/9876 you should choose DL as your regional office.
  • Then log on to the EPFO website, select your state and EPFO office code.
  • After selecting the PF details you need to fill in the details like Establishment code( 7 digit), Extension code, PF account number,Name as in your salary slip, Mobile number.Y
  • Click the agree button and submit the above information.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your information you will receive an SMS from EPFO in five minutes.
  • Details of the account number and the balance amount on the date mentioned in the sms will be sent.

How to check EPF Balance with UAN Number

  • After clicking on the link the members are taken to a webpage where they are asked to enter the UAN number and the password.
  • Subscribers can also quickly check passbook balances through EPFO application(m-epf). The subscribers need to click on MEMBER and thereafter Balance/ Passbook.

EPF Balance through SMS:

This is one of the three services introduced by Government to check account balance in 2015.EPF balance check through SMS facility is available to those who have activated their UAN Number.Only registered UAN number should be used to get the balance status by SMS.

Send message EPFOHO UAN<ENG> from your registered mobile number to 773 8299 8299

Once the message is sent EPFO will send an SMS showing your EPF balance. The message will contain member details, last contribution and total EPF balance.

Balance can be received in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and others.To receive the balance in any other language just change the language code. For example: for Hindi use <HIN> instead of <ENG>

EPF account balance through Missed call Service:

This is the second service launched by the Government in 2015. This is a very convenient service for mobile users and do not require any internet. You do not even need to send any text message. You just need to give a missed call on the below number to get the PF balance.

Missed call should be given to: 01122901406

EPFO Mobile App:

This is the third service launched by the Government. Various applications are available on google play store for free. Here is the link to download M-EPF for Android (4.0. And up devices)

EPFO Mobile App

You can avail many facilities on your handset if you have EPFO app. On your smart phones. You can activate UAN accounts, can view PF monthly credits. A pensioner can even check pension disbursement and employers can view their remittance details on their phone.

Download Passbook at EPFO member Portal (Without UAN)

  • Register as a member by filling up the relevant details at the main page of
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the correct document type is mentioned while filling out the details because every time you wish to Login you will have to enter the same details entered during registration. For instance, if you want to use your PAN card for registering into the portal, you need to select the option ‘PAN number’ in the drop down menu titled ‘Select Any One Document’. After registering, you can subsequently log in to the EPFO Members Portal.
  • Check the details before submitting them to get your PIN number.
  • An authorized PIN will be obtained after submission of all the details.
  • You will be registered into the portal after entering the authorization PIN
  • Upon entering the document type with document number and mobile number you can enter the online member portal and download the EPF passbook successfully from the website.

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)  scheme India was enacted in the year 1952 replacing the Employee Provident Fund Ordinance, 1951. The EPF Scheme is now known as Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. The administration of the act is carried out by the Central Board of Trustees that includes representatives of three parties viz the government, employers and employees. The board is assisted by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which falls under the purview of the government through ministry of labour and employment. EPF is administered by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO). Legally, it is compulsory for the companies consisting of more than 20 employees to register with this organisation..

The EPF is built through regular, monthly, contributions made by an employee and his/her employer. The amount contributed is based on the fixed rate and employees earn interest on their EPF balances. The interest earned on the EPF balance is tax free.

This is a kind of scheme providing retirement benefits which is available to all paid employees, and hence this scheme is really an important tool for planning your retirement  By applying for this scheme you are actually saving a part of your salary every month so that the saved amount can be used upon your retirement, or when you are incapable of working. If you continue with this scheme for a long time, you can easily meet your retirement goals. Many a times, we suffer from shortage of funds and have to borrow money from other sources,that time EPF comes to our rescue as the scheme serves several advantages of which many of us are not aware of.

Benefits of EPF:

  • Tax Free Earnings: The interest on funds in EPF account is tax free.The withdrawals at the time of maturity/ beyond 5 years is also tax free.
  • Financial security: It is not that easy to withdraw funds from EPF account so the savings is ensured.The amount collected provides financial security at the time of retirement. Premature withdrawal is allowed in certain cases  which can prove to be of help,during emergencies.
  • Universal Access: Employees can now transfer their accounts whenever they change their employers.And now with the introduction of Universal Account Number employees can access their EPF accounts
  • Pension benefits
  • Pension to EPF member: In order to get the pension amount after a certain period of time, your age has to be 58 years and along with that there should be a minimum of 10 years of tenure. But if you claim for the pension amount before 10 years, then you will not be eligible to get the pension. It is to be noted that you will get interest on the EPF exclusive of the pension part.
  • Pension to the family (after the member’s death).
  • Scheme Certificate: This certificate shows the member’s family and service details. It is issued to the members who has not yet attained the age of 58 at the time of leaving any establishment. After the age of 50 and above, if the member wants to apply for his pension, then he will have to surrender this very certificate. Members can also surrender this certificate at the time of joining any other establishment and along with his former service details, his new service details will be added in the certificate.
  • Death benefits
  • Capital Return of Pension.
  • Pension to family (or to nominee/parent).
  • Insurance amount (EDLI) to family ( or to nominee): According to Employee Deposit Linked Insurance or EDLI scheme, when the employer of any company doesn’t provide any group health insurance policy to their employees, the company has to pay .5% of basic monthly pay (max. amount Rs.6500) in the form of premium for the life insurance of the employees.
  • Provident Fund amount to family (or to nominee): Many of you may not know that an EPF member can actually nominate any of his family members. Later after the death of the EPF account holder, this family member can apply for claiming the account.
  • Withdrawal benefits
  • If the member does not fulfil the eligibility for pension, he can withdraw the amount stored in his pension account.
  • This amount’s calculation is based on (1) Service, (2) Last average salary.

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