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Online E-verification of Income Tax Return Using Aadhar Card

In this article we are going to lay down a complete guide on how E-verification of Income Tax Return can be done using your Aadhar Card.

After filing of the Income Tax Returns or ITR, it needs to be verified. Till now, the verification was done by downloading the ITR – Verification (ITR-V) online after filing the returns, from the e-filing portal, signing the downloaded copy and posting it to the Centralized Processing Center (CPC) located in Bengaluru.

However, now the ITR can be verified by anyone using the 3 methods allowed by the Income Tax Department. These are:

  • By using Aadhar card.
  • By availing netbanking.
  • By using EVC or electronic verification code.

For verifying via Aadhar card, the PAN card and the Aadhar card need to be linked.

Process to link Aadhar card with the PAN card for verification of ITR :

For verifying ITR via Aadhar card, you require the Aadhar card to be linked to your PAN card. Once they are linked, the ITR can be verified via the mobile phone number registered under the Aadhar card. The linking of both the cards is possible only if the name, date of birth and gender on both the cards match. For instance, if the Aadhar card of a female is in the post-martial name and the PAN card in the maiden name, then the linking is not possible unless the change has been made to the relevant card. Another criterion for linking both the cards is that the mobile phone number you are currently using must be the same as the one registered with the Aadhar card. Once the criteria are matched, the linking of Aadhar to PAN card can be done as follows –

E-verification of Income Tax Return


  • Next hover the cursor on the tab titled ‘Profile Settings
  • Click on the option ‘Link Aadhaar’ and enter your Aadhaar number. Now press the tab ‘Link Now
  • Both, the Aadhar and the PAN card will be linked if details like the date of birth, gender and name are the same in both the places

E-verification of Income Tax Return using Aadhar number :

Post the linking of Aadhar to the Income Tax website profile, e-verification of the Income Tax Returns can be done by generating an Aadhar OTP. The steps are as follows –

  • On the Income Tax e-Filing website upload your income tax returns.
  • After the returns are filed, you will be given the following options to choose from, in order to verify the returns –  
  1. “I already have an EVC to verify my returns”
  2.  “I do not have an EVC and would like to generate EVC to e-verify my return”
  3. “I would like to generate Aadhar OTP to e-verify my return”
  4. “I would like to send ITR-V/ I would like to e-verify later”
  • Select the option for generating an Aadhar OTP (option 3). On the mobile number registered on your Aadhar, you will receive a one-time password which will be valid only for ten minutes.
  • On the website, enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number.
  • If the OTP submitted is correct, a message that says ‘Return successfully e-verified. Download the Acknowledgement’ will appear. A similar acknowledgement will be emailed to your email address as well. It can be downloaded and saved on the computer by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

Through the above steps one can verify and acknowledge one’s ITR without having to post the ITR-V copy to Bangalore based CPC.

E-verification of Income Tax Return using EVC :

ITR can be verified online even if your Aadhar card is not linked to the PAN card. This can be done by using the electronic verification code or EVC.

The EVC is generated either via the registered mobile number and email ID or through your net banking account.

Steps to generate EVC are –

  • An EVC can be generated in 2 ways- one is to generate one immediately upon filing returns. Another is to visit the portal menu and click on the ‘e-file’ tab.
  • If you select the ‘e-file’ menu to generate an EVC, then select the option ‘Generate EVC’, whereby a 10 digit EVC code will be sent on your registered mobile number as well as email address. Upon receiving the code you can choose the option ‘I already have an EVC to e-verify my return’ after filing the income tax return.
  • If you wish to first file your returns and then generate an EVC, you can choose the option ‘I do not have an EVC and would like to generate EVC’ out of the 4 options displayed on the screen.
  • On the next page you can enter the 10 digit EVC generated and verify the return and also download the acknowledgment.

I hope you found this guide on Aadhar card useful, please support us by sharing it with your friend’s & family. If you need any help please contact us by commenting below and we will come back to you ASAP.

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