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Employee Name Change in EPF Account

Employee Name Change in EPF Account

If anyone wants to change their name in the EPF account, they can easily do it on the Employees Provident Fund Organization Portal (EPFO).


All about EPF name correction form:

EPF name correction form is the most simple document. It is more of a letter than a document. It is addressed to the Regional EPFO commissioner and following format must be followed: 

  • The letter must be addressed to the Regional PF Commissioner.
  • State the subject of the letter as: “Joint declaration by the member and the employer”
  • State that you are or were an employee of the establishment that got your details wrong and that the letter is being written to request for corrections to be made to your details.
  • In a table with three columns enter the detail that needs to be changed, the correct entry and wrong entry that has been made.
  • This correction form can fix the following errors:
  • Errors in name
  • Errors in the name of the Father or Husband
  • Errors in PF or EPS account number.
  • Errors in date of birth.
  • Errors in date of joining an organization and
  • Errors in date of leaving an organization.
  • All the columns will be mentioned in the form and you will have to fill the ones where the information recorded needs to be corrected.
  • Once the form is filled , you can mention the documents that you are going to provide as a proof of the changes you are requesting.
  • As far as attesting the form is concerned:
  • You will have to affix your name to the form and sign it.
  • You will also have to enter the name of the authorized signatory from your previous Organization.
  • The authorized signatory will also have to sign the application form and affix the company seal on the form.


Documents required to access EPF account:

The list of the documents that the government has made acceptable for all the changes are:

  • PAN card
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport
  • ESIC ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank or Post Office Passbooks
  • Certificated related to schools and education
  • Copy of a phone or electricity or water bill that has your name on it.
  • A certificate that is created based on the records of government service (State or central)
  • Certificates of birth or death that have been issued by the registrar.
  • In extreme cases a letter issued by a recognized public figure,which has been authorized by the proper authorities can also be used as a proof.


Problems Created because of incorrect EPF details:

Incorrect information in your EPF account can create some problems at the time of withdrawal. The documents that you submit to your employer are very crucial. It is very important to make sure that all the details submitted and recorded at the time of registration are correct or it could add to the reasons for the rejection of online claim form. For approval of the claim, the details given on the form should match the ones in the establishment records. There are many other reasons that can be the reason for the rejection of the claim of EPF.

  • Nominee details are very important and should be updated when the member gets married as it may lead to hassles during an EPF Claim.
  • Any misspelt or wrong entry of data  in the EPF’s record during enrolment can lead to the rejection of the claim.
  • Date of joining is also another data that if wrongly recorded could create lots of problems in the EPF Claim. The date is crucial because it helps to calculate the EPS pension. It is also important for the calculation of the number of years of EPF contribution. On its basis it is decided that EPF withdrawal is tax free or not.


Procedure to change credentials online:

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) allows its members to make changes in the credentials in EPF’s records online. In order to make changes online, EPFO has introduced the EPFO UAN portal. To access your EPF account through this website you need to have a UAN number, your mobile number and a password. UAN is a 12 digit unique number provided to the employees contributing to EPF. The UAN remains same throughout the career of an employee. 

  • If you want to change your mobile number, visit the EPFO UAN portal and click on “Profile”. Under the tab  change your mobile number. However, it is important to keep your old mobile number active while changing for the new one.
  • In case you do not remember your login password and your mobile number is inactive, you are then required to make an online request through the EPF UAN helpdesk portal. 
  • The helpdesk portal helps you to resolve and correct multiple issues in your EPF account. All you have to do is login to EPFO UAN portal and click on the “member” tab. You will be redirected to a page which will allow you to make changes in the given list.


Procedure to change credentials offline:

EPFO allows you to make changes in your EPF account online through UAN portal. Changes such as name, date of birth, date of joining etc. can be made offline as well in the following ways:

  • Name correction: If your name has been recorded wrongly in EPFO’s records, you will have to submit a joint application through your employer. You also have to submit all the supporting documents for name change. The following documents are required to make the changes:
  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Bank Passbook copy
  • Ration Card
  • ESIC Identity Card
  • Any education certificate
  • A certificate issued by registrar of birth and death
  • Certificate as a proof of service in central or state government
  • Copy of telephone, water or electricity bill
  • Letter from recognized public authority or public servant as a proof of identity and residence of the employee.

Following are the steps to change your name in the EPF account offline:

    1. Fill in the requisite form with all the required details.
    2. Sign in the duly filled form.
    3. Obtain signature and seal from your employer on the form.
    4. Attach a self attested copy of any of the documents mentioned above.
    5. The application is then sent to the concerned EPFO field officer by your employer.
    6. Change of Fathers’ or spouse’s name: The same procedure as mentioned above can be followed. You are required to send a joint request on your behalf and the employer of the concerned EPFO department.


  • Date of birth correction: Following the same procedure above, you can also change the date of birth. The form has an option to make this change. However, you have to provide date of birth proof along with the application form. All the documents mentioned above can be provided as a proof of date of birth.


  1. Change of address: The EPFO portal does not allow the change of address online. The change can be made at the time of PF withdrawal or transfer. You need to provide an address proof.
  2. Correction of the date of joining and leaving can be done with the same procedure above


EPF name change rules:

As your name has been provided by your employer to the EPFO, change in your name in the account cannot be done independently. It needs a joint application by you and your employer. Only the specified documents listed above are allowed as identity proof in order to make the change.


Name correction due to marriage:

Sometimes after marriage you add a surname or a title, in such cases you are required to fill a prescribed form and submit it to the EPFO. If any change is made in the bank records or office records it is mandatory that the same is made in the EPF account. Along with the specific form to make the change you need to provide your marriage certificate as well. In case, your name is not highlighted in your bank account you need not to make any change in the EPF account. Name in the EPF account database and the bank account through which you intend to withdraw the EPF should match. 


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