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EPF E- Passbook

EPF E- Passbook

Employment Provident Fund Ordinance, 1951 was replaced to introduce Employee Provident Scheme India which was enacted in the year 1952. The Employee Provident Fund Scheme is now recognized as the Employee Provident Fund and miscellaneous act, 1952.

What is Employee Provident Fund? 

Employee Provident Fund is the collection of funds done through regular, monthly contribution made by both the employee and the employer. The amount to be contributed is fixed and is the same for the employer and the employee. Interest as also earned by the employees on their employee Provident Fund Balance. This scheme mainly aims to promote the retirement for the employees. Employee Provident fund is one of the long term savings for the working population of India. The amount withdrawn at the time of maturity and the interest earned is tax free. It can also be used at the time of resignation and death. Even at the time of emergency employee provident fund scheme ensures the financial security. 

The employee Provident Fund organization works under three schemes:

  1. Employee Provident Fund Scheme , 1952
  2. Employee’s deposit linked insurance scheme, 1976
  3. Employee’s Pension scheme, 1995.

Under the above mentioned acts, employees are entitled for insurance benefits, provident fund and pension.

Employee Provident Fund E-Passbook:

E- passbook is the new feature that helps you to check the employee provident fund account statement online by the online passbook facility. With the help of the E-passbook one can check the current status anytime and can get all the details of the employee provident fund balance easily. 

Accessing the Employee Provident Fund E-Passbook:

There is a mandatory registration on the Employee Provident Fund organization official website to avail the E-Passbook facility. While registering, we need to fill up the following details:

  • Aadhar Card number
  • Mobile number
  • Passport Number
  • PAN Number
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card Number
  • Driving licence
  • Email Id
  • Bank Account Number
  • National Population Register Number
  • Your name as on the official documents

A captcha image will be generated which you need to type in the provided box and you will receive a PIN via SMS on the registered mobile number. The registration process completes once you submit the form and gets the confirmation on your registered mobile number. Now you can easily check your Employee Provident Fund status online by logging in to the member portal.

Generating your EPF E-Passbook

This is the process to be followed to generate your EPF  E-Passbook Online:

  1. Firstly login to the member portal, a screen will be shown where you can alter your basic details and also download E-passbook from this page.
  2. To download the E-Passbook, you have to select the state and PF Office of that state. 
  3. Now enter the EPF account number and name as mentioned in the EPFO records.
  4. Fill in the captcha details and click on submit to avail the PIN Number.
  5. Enter the PIN number received on the registered mobile number through SMS
  6. Lastly, click the buttons and get the details and download the PDF E-Passbooks.

NOTE: If your employer has uploaded the challans and returns then only EPF E-Passbook is available. 

Points to remember while downloading the EPF E-Passbook 

  • Use Single Mobile number

Only one mobile number can be used for one registration. However the mobile number can be changed later.

  • Access to one EPF Account under one establishment

Under EPF norms, person can view only one EPF account under one establishment. Eg: If a person is having jobs in Nagpur and in Mumbai he will be able to view only one EPF account as they come under the same establishment and in this case one has to transfer the old EPF account to a new one. One can view EPF accounts if a person is having a job in Delhi or Bangalore.

  • Maximum 10 EPFs can be viewed

A total of 10 EPF accounts can be viewed at a time under different establishments.

  • Availability after March 2012

This facility is available for those whose employers have uploaded the challans and returns from may 2012 onwards. This is another way of submitting the contributions to EPFO online which is introduced by EPF organization.

  • Inoperative accounts or settled accounts are not available for access

If any of the account is not being operated by the account holder (This generally happens when a person leaves his job and transaction is taking place in the account) or the employee has settled (already withdrawn the amount) then your details won’t be available.

  • No user ID or Password required:

There is no need of remembering the user ID or password to access your account. Only mobile number, document name and number is required. A PIN ID is sent to your phone which is completely confidential and private and expires after two seconds. This is done in order to minimise the frauds while generating the password.

  • Not Eligible:

Those employees who have their EPF with the establishments, which are exempted under EPF Scheme will not be able to avail the benefits of E-passbook.

  • Use multiple documents to register

You can use multiple IDs in the same account to register. Documents like AAdhar Card, driving licence, ration card etc can be used. This way there is no need to remember ID number of any particular document. One can login with any document which you are carrying at that particular point of time.

  • Bugs while downloading

Sometimes while downloading your E-passbook there comes a pop up saying “ Invalid members ID or password”. Please check whether you have entered the correct ID, account number or name. In case every detail is correct and still the error occurs then check the name which should match with the name mentioned in EPFO records. If it is not correct then contact the concerned EPFO office. At times there are certain entries missing in the EPF Passbook. In this case one should contact their employer and check whether returns for the month/ year related to missing entries were submitted by him to the concerned EPFO office.  

  • Entries and details in the passbook

Your EPF account shall contain the month and date wise transactions in your account from the first year for which the account  was opened by the establishment. Eg: If the first annual account for that establishment were updated in the year 2007-08, then the entries in the EPF account will be updated from 2007-08.

  • Secured through PIN

As soon as you click on “Get PIN” you get the PIN on the registered mobile number but in any case there is any kind of delay that means the network is busy. So you should wait for a while or retry.

New Portal-UAN

A unified UAN portal has been launched for giving many facilities related to EPF on one platform. To download the UAN Passbook one should have your UAN which is allotted by EPFO to every employee. To access your UAN passbook, ensure that your UAN is activated. After it is activated, you can log in to the EPFO’s member e sewa portal to download your UAN Passbook.

Details in UAN Passbook  

The UAN Passbook gives details about credit, debit and balance like any other financial statement. Following information can be found from the passbook:

  • PF member ID
  • Personal Details
  • Date of joining
  • Establishment code
  • PF Office
  • EPF Transfer details
  • Balance of employer contribution to EPF account
  • Balance of employee contribution to EPF account
  • Total EPF Balance
  • Monthly contribution
  • Employers contribution to EPF account
  • Employee contribution to EPF Account
  • Pension contribution

Steps to see and download the EPF Passbook through UAN Portal:

  1. Go to the UAN Portal
  2. For first time users you must activate the UAN
  3. For activation you need a UAN and a mobile number. You also set a password during the process
  4. After activation login to the UAN Portal by your UAN and the password
  5. After login you reach the UAN Dashboard 
  6. There are three options available: The first one is for “View Passbook”
  7. Click on it to download the passbook
  8. You can also go to the view option of the menu bar and choose the “Passbook” from the dropdown list
  9. Now EPF Passbook link can be seen. It is the link to the PDF file of your UAN Passbook. You can see it online by clicking on it and can also download it. 

Benefits of EPF Passbook

Every member of EPF scheme must download the EPF passbook. Many problems can be avoided by tracking of passbook:

  1. You would have the records of EPF balance. This savings scheme helps in retirement planning
  2. The EPF passbook shows every debit and credit entry through which regular contribution of your employer can be checked. 
  3. To know the status of EPF transfer application, EPF passbook is very useful
  4. The PF balance is essential to know the partial EPF withdrawal eligibility.
  5. You can get to know about any errors in your personal details 
  6. You can be updated with whether your PF balance is earning interest or not
  7. EPF passbook can be downloaded even after leaving the job. It also provides the facility of downloading UAN passbook even after withdrawal and no contribution for two years.

EPF Calculation

Your EPF Passbook is an overview of your EPF account. But it’s also important to get an estimate for how much you will accrue at the time of retirement. Therefore on should use an Online EPF Calculator to estimate the value of EPF Corpus

While using the EPF calculator online always remember that many of the components are variable. Eg: PF Interest rate, Basic salary, and dearness allowance all are variable in nature. Therefore it’s difficult to get the exact amount that will be payable at the time of retirement but one can always get an estimate if you want to know in the present terms.

Online calculator can be useful in the following information:

  • Monthly Salary
  • Current EPF balance’
  • Employer and Employee contributions
  • EPF Interest rate
  • Annual salary increment rate
  • No. of years for retirement

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