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EPF FORM 2 (Revised): How to fill, Submit Online and Nomination

Employees Provident Fund(EPF) is a form of Special Security Scheme in which members must contribute a portion of their salary and the employer as well contributes to this fund on behalf of his workers. A declaration and nomination has to be submitted by each and every employee under the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, 1952 and Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995. The employee has to file a nomination through the EPF form 2 so that the nominated person gets the fund accumulated in the account in case unfortunate death of an employee. 

EPF Form No. Form-2
PurposeNomination and Declaration of the beneficiary 
When to fillAnytime after getting enrolled in the scheme
How to FillBoth online and offline
Update requiredAfter Marriage, you have to fill the form again
Download link
Submission limitThere is no limit and the member can change the nominations as many times as he wants
DocumentsNo additional documents required
ApprovalNo approval required from the employer or the PF Commissioner



Form 2 has four sections,namely: General information, Part-A (EPF), Part- B (EPS) (PARA-18) and certificate by the Employer.

General Information:

  1. Name of the member:
  2. Father’s/Husband’s name:
  3. Date of Birth:
  4. Gender:
  5. Marital status:
  6. Account Number:
  7. Address temporary:
  8. Date of joining in EPF AND EPS:


In this section, EPF account holder has to give information about the nominee whom he or she would like to nominate to receive EPF account balance in case of his or her death. Following are the details to be provided in this section:

  1. Name of the nominee
  2. Address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Total amount or share of accumulations in Provident Funds to be paid to each nominee
  5. Nominee’s relationship with the member
  6. In case the nominee is a minor, name and address of the guardian who may receive the amount during the minority of the nominee.
  7. Signature or thumb impression of the subscriber.

Part-B (EPS) (Para 18)

EPS is the abbreviation for Employees’ Pension Scheme. 8.33% out of 12 % of employer’s contribution to EPF is deposited in the EPS account of the member. The EPS Proceeds of a member’s PF account is also disbursed to eligible nominees. This section requires you to furnish details of the family member(s) eligible to receive the pension. These are the details member has to mention in this section:

  1. Name of the family member.
  2. Date of birth
  3. Address of the family member.
  4. Relationship with the member
  5. Signature or thumb impression of the subscriber.

In case of the nomination for monthly widow pension (admissible under para 16 2 (a) (i) and (ii) the member has to give detail such as 

  1. Name and address of the nominee
  2. Date of birth
  3. Relationship with the member

Certificate by the Employer:  

The employer has to certify the details mentioned in the form and has to mention the following details in the form:

  1. Name of the employee
  2. Authorized officers’s signature
  3. Designation of the officer
  4. Date
  5. Place
  6. Name and date of the organization and stamp

How to fill e-Nomination Online?

A member who has already registered his UAN at the unified EPF member portal can fill his e-Nomination online. In case you have not registered at the EPF Member Portal, you will first have to activate your UAN and then follow these steps for e-Nomination:

  • Login to the EPF member portal using your UAN and password.
  • Select the “e-Nomination” option from the “Manage”Section.
  • Enter your Permanent and Current Address in your “Profile” and click on “Save”
  • Select whether you have a family or not
  • Enter all the details of the family member such as Aadhar number, name, date of birth,address, gender, relation, guardian (in case of minor) and then click on “save family details” In case you want to add more nominees select “add row”option
  • Now select the nominees from the list and enter the total amount of share. Now click on “save EPF Nomination”
  • Your nomination details will be saved and the nominees will get the fund in the proportion mentioned by you in the form
  • If you want to avail the benefit of the pension scheme follow the same steps for the EPS section.

Family Members:

A married employee with his or her parents and those who are dependent on the employee or without parents can nominate one or more family members. Here are the points to be kept in mind while nominating family members through Form-2

In Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme:

A family is defined in the Employees’ Provident Fund scheme as :

  1. In case of the Male employees, the nomination can be filled for:
  • Wife
  • Children
  • Dependent Parents
  • Widow of son and children
  1. In case of the Female Employees, the nomination can be filled for:
  • Husband
  • Children
  • Dependent Parents
  • Husband’s Dependent Parents
  • Spouse’s dependent parents
  • Widow of son and children

In Employees’ Pension scheme: 

A family is defined as:

  • Spouse of the employee
  • Minor son and Unmarried daughter of an employee
  • Adopted son and daughter who was adopted before the death of an employee

Points to remember while nominating the Family members:

  1. The subscriber can change his/her nomination whenever he/she wants to do so.
  2. If the member has no family, he/she can nominate anyone.
  3. The nomination should be in favour of one or more member(s) of the family.
  4. Minimum 10 years of service will entitle the employee for the pension.
  5. There can be more than one family member as a nominee with a defined percentage of the amount to be received by each.
  6. If the member is having a family, he cannot nominate anyone out of the family.
  7. Once an unmarried member gets married, he will have to file a fresh nomination again.
  8. Every person who joins an EPF-qualified establishment  (where 20 or more persons are employed) on or after 16-11-1995 is compulsorily required to join the EPS provided his or her salary is up to ₹15000 per month.

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