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EPF FORM 31:Instructions, Filing Procedure and How to Download

EPF FORM 31:Instructions, Filing Procedure and How to Download

Salaried employees contribute towards Employees’ Provident Fund(EPF) to build a corpus for retirement. However, this corpus built can also be utilized to meet various requirements during the employment period. They can apply for partial withdrawal by submitting EPF FORM 31- APPLICATION FOR ADVANCE FROM THE FUND. 

PURPOSEApplication for advances (partial withdrawal) from EPF
MODE OF FILINGBoth online and Offline
Additional RequirementsRelevant documents have to be submitted
Reason for advancesWedding, Home Loan, Medical Requirement etc.

EPF form 31 can be filled both online as well as offline. While filling the form offline the employee has to diligently fill his details, whereas, most details are pre-filled in case the members apply online. However, in order to avail the services online member has to register his UAN.

How to download EPF Form 31?

One can download Form 31 from the EPF website and fill it offline. However, there is a section which has to be filled up by the employer as well. Here is the link to download EPF form:

  • The member must login using his/her UAN and password on the EPFO member Portal.
  • Then the member will have to go to the ‘Online services’ tab and select ‘claim’ for generating an online request.
  • On clicking ‘Claim’, a new page will open with all the details of the members like Name, Date of Birth, Father’s name, PAN Number, Aadhar Number, Date of joining the company, Mobile number etc. On checking if all the information is correct, member can proceed to ‘Proceed for online claim’
  • The next page will be the type of claim the member would like to apply for. In the drop down menu select ‘PF ADVANCE(FORM 31)’
  • The members now need to select the purpose for advance. Member has to choose from the various options available in the drop down box such as illness, natural calamities, power cut, non receipt of wages, and purchase of handicap equipment. In the next field the amount and his or her current address must be filled.
  • On completing this, the member will have to sign the disclosure. On checking the box ‘Get Aadhar OTP’ will be visible. On clicking that, OTP will be received and this must be authenticated. On entering the OTP and clicking on ‘validate OTP and submit claim form’ the member will complete the process for online EPF advance application.

How to Fill EPF Form 31??

When a member plans to withdraw funds partially from the EPF account, he needs to fill Form 31. All the fields in the form have to be filled or else the application may not be processed. EPF form 31 contains the following fields:

Contents to be filled by the Employee:

  • Name of the member
  • Mobile number
  • Purpose for advances
  • Amount of advances required
  • Father’s Name/ Husband’s name (in case of a married woman)
  • Name and address of the employer
  • PF account number
  • Monthly Basic wages and dearness allowance
  • Full postal address of the applicant
  • Signature of the Employee
  • Signature of the Employer
  • Mode of remittance
  • In whose favour check is to be drawn (In case of home loans, EMI’s etc.) 
  • For any reasons, provide your bank account details
  • In case of advance for marriage, provide complete details such as Name, age, date of marriage, address
  • Advance Stamp receipt (Fill the amount)

Contents to be filled by the Employer:

  • Certification by the Employer
  • Signature, date, and designation (along with the stamp of the establishment )
  • Enclosures

Contents to be filled by the EPF Commissioner:

  • Section
  • Account Number
  • Fund to be reimbursed 
  • Mode of remittance
  • Signature of the accounts officer

Purpose for EPF withdrawal:

Employees can withdraw the amount from PF account as an advance for the following purposes through Form 31:

  1. Purchase or addition /alteration/ improvement/ repair of house/flat, construction of house including the acquisition of site:
  • Completion of 5 years of service is mandatory.
  • Withdrawal of 24 months pay (Basic + DA) is allowed for the purchase of a plot.
  • Withdrawal of 36 months pay (Basic +DA) for the purchase of house/ flat/ construction or total cost, whichever is lower 
  • Withdrawal allowed only once during the service period.
  1. Repayment of loans in special cases:
  • Minimum service period required is 10 years.
  • A member can withdraw the least of 36 months’ pay or a total of employees’ and employer’s share plus interest or total outstanding principal with interest, whichever is less.
  • Certification from the lending agency indicating the principal and interest is required.
  1. Grant of advances in special cases:
  • Employees have not received pay for more than 2 months continuously for reasons other than strike or
  • In case of lockout/ closure of establishment for more than 15 days and the employees are unemployed without compensation or
  • Discharge/ dismissal/ retrenchment of member challenged by him/ her in court,(50% of EPF withdrawal is allowed) or
  • In case of establishment’s closure for more than 6 months and employees continue to be unemployed without compensation. 
  1. Advance to physically handicapped members for purchasing equipment for minimizing hardship:
  • Lowest of the 6 months pay or employees share plus interest or cost of equipment of withdrawal is allowed.
  • Second withdrawal is allowed after 3 years of first withdrawal.
  1. Advance for marriage of self/daughter/son/brother/sister or post matriculation education of son/daughter
  • Withdrawal allowed only after 7 years of contribution in PF account.
  • A member can withdraw a maximum of 50% of employees’ share plus interest
  • Withdrawal allowed for this purpose is three times during the service period.
  1. Advance for an illness of his/her own treatment or family:
  • Withdrawal of upto 6 months’ pay or employees share plus interest whichever is less
  • No service limit is required for availing the advances
  • Certification by the employer and a doctor is mandatory
  1. Withdrawal within one year before retirement.
  • Withdrawal is allowed after 54 years of age and within one year of retirement, whichever is later
  • Maximum 90% of the amount in the EPF account of the member can be withdrawn

Documents required along with EPF Form 31:

Documents for EPF Withdrawal 
Purpose of EPF withdrawalDocuments required
Buying a houseDeclaration,Registration certificate of the property
Repayment of loansOutstanding principal and interest certificate by the lending agency
Medical illnessCertificate by the employer and the doctor
Grant of advances in special casesCertificate from the employer
MarriageDeclaration to be done in Form 31
Physically handicappedCertificate from the concerned
Withdrawal before retirementDeclaration by the member

Things to remember while filling Form 31:

  • Attach cancelled cheque with the form for verification in case you want disbursal of the fund in your bank account.
  • In case of offline application, certification by the employer is necessary
  • Money order can be used as the payout option only when the amount is below ₹2000
  • Online applications can be filed only if the member has linked his bank account, Aadhar and PAN with UAN
  • The bank account has to be verified by entering the last four digits of the bank account if the claim is filed online.
  • It generally takes a couple of weeks to process the claim and remit funds

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