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How to merge two UANs from different accounts

There have been many cases in recent times where employees have been assigned multiple UANs  (Universal Account Number). As per rules, a person should only have one UAN throughout his lifetime. An employees’ EPF account is linked to his UAN. In case you have been assigned two UANs, you have to get the previous one deactivated. This can be done by Merging UANs from different EPF accounts

Reasons for allotment of two UANs:

A new EPF account is opened by the company whensoever an employee switches his job. All EPF accounts are linked with a UAN.Hence,there is a huge probability that a new UAN is allotted to the member employee when he changes his organization. There may be various reasons for the allotment of new UAN to the member.The most common reasons are:

  • The employee does not disclose his previous UAN:  When an employee switches his job, he has to disclose his details of previous UAN and EPF account number( Member ID) If he does not give these details, the new employer opens his new UAN and EPF account.
  • Non furnishing of “date and exit” by the previous employer: Your previous employer has to mention the date of exit in the ECR ( Electronic challan and return). If this information is not provided on time, the new establishment provides a new UAN to the employee.

What happens when you have two UANs?

Having two UANs active at the same time is against the rules. A member should have only one UAN and all his EPF accounts should be linked to it. EPF accounts are non transferable in case of different employees. However, if an employee has two UANs he can get his EPF account transferred from one to another and get his previous UAN deactivated. Hence, EPF account linked with one UAN will mandatorily have to be transferred to another EPF account linked with a different UAN. 

What should an Employee do?

In case you have been allotted two UANs, you can get one of them deactivated(generally the previous one). There are two methods to deactivate the UAN and get your EPF transferred as per the EPFO website. Here are the two methods:

Method 1: 

  • Firstly report the issue to your employer or EPFO as soon as you come to know about it.
  • You can also email to mentioning your current and previous UAN.
  • EPFO will definitely conduct verification for the issue.
  • Your previous UAN will be blocked and your current UAN will be kept active.
  • Next, submit a claim to transfer the EPF account (linked with blocked UAN) to the new active account.

Method 2: 

This process has a low resolution rate and is a bit time taking. Thus EPFO has come with new procedure in which it will be easier for a member to merge his two UANs and transfer his EPF accounts easily. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Members have to apply the transfer of the old EPF to the new one
  • In those cases where one of the two EPF accounts of the same employee having two different UANs has to be transferred, EPFO’s system identifies both the accounts automatically.
  • This identification takes place on a periodic basis.
  • After proper identification, old UANs from which the EPF transfer has been processed to a new EPF account having different UAN are deactivated by EPFO.
  • Thus, the old UANs are blocked automatically. The employees previous member ID is linked to the current UAN.
  • The deactivation status is intimated to an employee through an SMS
  • In case the employee hasn’t activated his new UAN, he will be requested to do so to get the updated status of the account.
  • There might be instances where the employee has to receive PF arrears from the previous employer.
  • Here, the system auto populates the new UAN number in the ECR.
  • In such cases, the arrear is received in the new PF account linked with new UAN

Steps to transfer EPF Online:

Now as we know PF transfers can be done online, let us understand the procedure step by step:

  1. Visit the EPF transfer website
  1. Login to your EPF account with any of your government ID Proofs such as PAN, Aadhar, NPR, Bank account number,voter ID, Driving licence, passport number or ration card number linked with your EPF account.
  1. There is a claim section. In that section click on the “Request for transfer of account” option
  1. Fill form 13 mentioning all your personal details to the best of your knowledge in Part A of the form.
  1. Now fill your previous account details (EPF account to be transferred) in Part B of the form
  1. Fill your current EPF account details in Part C of the form. In the end, select the attestation authority (previous or current employer)
  1. Now submit the form and take a print of the same and submit it to the employer.
  2. Once your EPF account is transferred , your old UAN will be deactivated. It will happen when EPFO deactivates your inactive UANs on a periodic basis.

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