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How to register EPF grievance online

By visiting the new EPF i-grievance Management system members of the EPF scheme can register their grievances with the Employment Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Here, the members can register their queries and complaints, send reminders for the pending grievances and also know the status of their request. This is how one can register EPF Grievance online.

Grievances related to the following matters can be registered with the Grievance Management System:

  1. Final settlement of Pension
  2. Final settlement of EPF or withdrawal of EPF
  3. Scheme Certificate
  4. Transfer of PF accumulation into a new EPF account 
  5. Payment of Insurance Benefit
  6. Cheque returned or misplaced
  7. Issue of PF slip/ PF balance
  8. Any other Issue 

Register EPF Grievance on EPF i- Grievance Management System:

To register a grievance on this platform , select the “Register Grievance” option from the top menu and you will be redirected to the grievance form. This form contains the following fields divided into three parts:

  1. EPF details:
  1. Status: From the drop down menu select your status- Whether you are an EPF member, EPS Pensioner, Employer or other.
  2. PF Number- It consists of Office code, Region code, Establishment Code, Extension and account number. This is mentioned on your salary slip. You can also check it by logging in the UAN member portal. One can only log in if he is a registered member of the UAN portal.
  3. Office to which grievance pertains – From the drop down menu, select the office that manages your PF. You can confirm this with your employer.
  4. Name of establishment
  5. Address of Establishment

     B.  Personal Details:

  1. Name of the complainant
  2. Is the complainant and subscriber, the same person?- Yes/ No. If you are registering a complaint on behalf of someone else (the subscriber), you must mention the personal details of the subscriber.
  3. Do you want to have a Password: Yes/No. If you want to make your grievance confidential, you can create a password for the same.
  4. Address of the complainant.
  5. Phone number 
  6. Mobile number
  7. Email ID

Number 4, 5, 6 and 7 details should be related to that of the complainant and not to the subscriber. 

C. Grievance Details: 

  1. Grievance Category: Select the type of grievance that you want to register, from the drop down menu.
  2. Grievance Description:Here you need to give a brief of your grievance within 5000 characters. The important files can be uploaded that you think are important for redressal. Only PDF documents with size up to 1MB can be attached. Type the captcha code and submit your form. Once you submit the form, Registration number will be generated which you can use to check the status of your grievance or to send reminders.

Those members who have registered a Grievance on the EPF i- Grievance Management system can check its status on the same website. Click on ‘ Check status’ from the top menu.Now you need to enter the registration number provided to you along with the password (if you have created one). Fill the captcha code and enter. In case you created a password at the time of filling the grievance form but forgot it now, you can always retrieve it through your registration number. Hence, it is important to keep your registration number safe.

Reminder for redressal of your EPF Grievance:

If the EPF Grievance is not resolved within a reasonable time frame, you can always send reminders to EPFO by visiting the EPF-Grievance Management system. Click on “send reminder” from the menu bar. Now enter your registration number and password (if any). Fill the captcha code and click enter to send a reminder to EPFO. 

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