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How to update KYC for EPF UAN

The Universal account number was introduced in 2014 and ever since that all processes associated with Employees’ Provident Fund have become easier and quicker. Your UAN is necessary to upload your KYC in EPF.

The government has made it mandatory for employees to link their EPF account with Aadhar and other documents. People can update their KYC details quite easily through online portal. Updating your KYC details provides wide range of benefits like easy operation of accounts, low TDS on withdrawals, etc.

Steps to update your KYC details:

It is very simple to update your KYC details in the EPF account. Users have to follow following steps in order to update their details at the EPF Portal.




  • Under the “Manage” section click on the “KYC” option from the drop down list.
  • The form of KYC details updating will open. You can fill number of details such as Aadhar, PAN,  Ration card, passport , driving licence, election card, National Population register (NPR) and bank details.
  • Click on the box in front of the detail you want to update. You need to enter the document number, name as per the document, and also the additional details such as IFSC in case of bank details and expiry date in case of passport and driving licence.
  • Click on the save button and all the changes made by you will be saved under the “Pending KYC section”
  • If you donot want your details to be updated, you can cancel the KYC process by clicking on the X sign marked against the document before it is verified by the EPFO.
  • The details are then verified by the EPFO from the data of the concerned department.
  • Once the details matches, verified is marked in front of the document.

Updating contact details in your EPF account:

Along with the KYC details you can also update your contact details through EPF portal, Online.Here are the steps of how you can update the contact details:

  • Login to your EPF account using your UAN and password.
  • In the “Manage” Section, click on the “ Contact details” option in the drop down.
  • The mobile number and the email address is already added to the EPF account. These details were taken at the time of the activation of the account.
  • Tick on the box against “Change mobile number” option or “ change email ID” option to update the details and then click on “ Get Authorization Pin button.”
  • Once you enter the Authorization pin sent to you through an OTP on your mobile number, your mobile/phone/email details will be updated in your EPF account. This might take some time.


Once the KYC details are updated, there are variety of benefits that can be availed. Some of them are:

  1. Smooth transfer of EPF accounts.
  2. Online withdrawal claim can be processed only when KYC details are seeded with the UAN.
  3. In case the member withdraws his PF before 5 years of service,a TDS of 10% is levied against the amount if PAN is updated in the account. In case PAN is not updated, TDS charge increases to 34.608%
  4. Members get a monthly SMS intimating the monthly PF after activation.


1.Is it mandatory to update KYC details online?

No, it is not mandatory to update the KYC online. However, if one update the KYC it will keep your data up to date. It helps in reducing the time required for transfer of EPF money from one account to another and withdrawal of EPF amou

2. How long does it take for KYC documents to be approved?

It generally takes 3 to 5 working days for the documents to be reviewed and  approved.

3.  To view the status of the documents, do i need to visit the UAN portal daily?

No, you are not required to visit the UAN portal daily. You will be notified through  SMS once the documents are reviewed and approved.

4.     Do i need to upload the documents on EPFO portal?

No, you are not required to upload your documents on EPFO portal. Only the name as per the document and the document number must be specified.

5.  For the queries regarding EPFO whom should i contact?

The helpline number regarding all the queries is 1800118005.For technical  support you can contact them on                  



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