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Information on e-Aadhar & How to Download eAadhar

Information on e-Aadhar

Digitization is the new mantra that India is targeting to. Several measures are being applied so that things get smoother and sorted when it comes to application of digitization. Together with getting digital, there are a wide number of processes being applied and being out to effect so that details and information of the citizens are all accumulated and stored under a single database. The Indian Government has given much importance towards Aadhar number/card too.

e-Aadhar number

E-Aadhar number is known to be one’s alphanumeric identity. It is a twelve digit number and is provided to the citizens of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is an agency that belongs to the Indian Government. The UIDAI works under India’s planning commission. Via this particular procedure, the demographic as well as the biometric details of the individuals get amassed and then it is all stored at the central database.

What do you mean by an e-aadhar Card?

The Aadhar card has an electronic version, which is known as the E-Aadhaar. This version of the Aadhar card can also get downloaded online when an individual completes submitting their enrolment ID or Aadhar. It is recognized and is valid as an original card.

e-Aadhar and Information Available

An individual’s e-Aadhar card contains the demographic and biometric details, and they have been mentioned below:

  • Aadhar number
  • Cardholder’s name
  • Cardholder’s photograph
  • Cardholder’s date of birth
  • Cardholder’s sex
  • Cardholder’s address
  • Biometric information like a person’s fingerprint

Downloading the e-Aadhar Card

In case an individual needs to download his or her e Aadhar card, here are a few steps that they would need to follow:

  • Initially, it is important for an individual to keep their enrollment number, date and time provided in their acknowledgment slip. This acknowledgment slip will be given to them when they are applying for their Aadhar application.
  • They would then need to visit the website of UIDAI and then fill in all the details required.
  • Then the option ‘Get One Time Password’ would appear and they would have to click on it.
  • A one time password or OTP will get generated and then they would require to again filling in the field that appears.
  • Applicants will require filling in the pin code in the form of the password which will then enable them to unlock the eAadhar pdf file.

e-Aadhar Card and its Advantages

Release the fear of losing documents

e-Aadhar card is a digital card which is obtainable online. This is why the chief benefit that you gain from this card is that you can easily access it anytime you want to since it can even being easily downloadable. Now individuals will no more have to get bothered or worried about losing or misplacing their documents as everything will be easily obtainable online.

Universal identity card

This digital card is unquestionably a reliable universal identity card and Indian citizens can easily procure it now. This works as an important identity proof for them as it would have details of one’s address, which is not easily available in other documents or credentials.

Gain subsidies

The Indian Government is giving out numerous subsidies now, such as LPG subsidy and many more, to individuals who produce this card. Nonetheless, to avail them, applicants need to ensure that they have their Aadhar card with them.

Also, you will now be able to quickly avail a passport and several other documents only when you have your Aadhar card with you.

Bank account opening

One can swiftly open their bank account by producing this document to the bank.

Valid address proof

An e-Aadhar card works as a legitimate identity and address proof as mentioned by the UIDAI. This document now has been certified digitally, making numerous processes smoother for individuals. More so, all the information that has been printed in the Aadhar card will also be available in the e-Aadhar card format. Hence, you need not worry about the authenticity of the card. It is valid everywhere.

Even there has been a ‘Resident Portal’ set which permits individuals to quickly get their e-Aadhar card downloaded. In Indian States there are Common Service Centres launched too which will help individuals to get their eAadhar card downloaded.

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