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Learn to Login to EPFO Member Portal or EPFO Login

EPFO stands for the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization and offers the following services –

  • Employees’ Pension Scheme (1995)
  • Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (1976)
  • Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (1952)


The EPFO falls under the Government of India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment. Employees can find information regarding their Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF via the EPFO member’s portal.  Members are provided with an online EPF Account Passbook and they can login via this passbook into the portal to check their EPF balance. However, to find out the current EPF balance, the portal requires you to have the EPF receipts which are received at the end of the year.

But the advantage of the website is the convenience with which your entire account details can be viewed online after you have registered your details and logged in to the member’s portal. Also when the e-passbook is available, an SMS is received on your registered mobile number.


Steps to login to the EPFO member portal

  • The first step is to be an EPF member or have an EPF.
  • For registration, you have to fill in all the relevant details at the site’s main page.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the correct document type is mentioned while filling out the details because every time you wish to Login you will have to enter the same details entered during registration. For instance, if you want to use your PAN card for registering into the portal, you need to select the option of ‘PAN number’ in the drop down menu titled ‘Select Any One Document’. After registering, you can subsequently log in to the EPFO Members Portal.
  • When entering details to get your PIN number, check the details before submitting them.
  • An authorized PIN will be obtained after submission of all the details.
  • You will be registered into the portal after entering the authorization PIN.


Upon entering the document type with document number and mobile number you can enter the online member portal and download the EPF passbook successfully from the website.


Points to note while registering and logging in to the EPFO member portal

There are a few pointers to consider while logging into the EPF Members Portal –

  • While registering online into the portal, you can use or enter only one mobile number.
  • Multiple ID numbers can be added by you, but while logging in the portal, you can use any one of the ids with the mobile number.
  • It is vital for your employer to upload the electronic receipt or challan plus return from the wages of May 2012 onwards, to help you make use of the members’ portal facility. Post this step, you can register and view your e-passbook for your EPF account.
  • Under one employer you can, as a registered member, view details of only one account. In case you have more accounts under one employer, you have to fill out the form number 13 with relevant details to apply for a transfer of accounts.
  • In case of accounts under different establishments or organizations, you can view 10 different accounts under the different organizations. Also, you can view the accounts a number of times.
  • For registering and logging into the portal, you only require any one of the identification proofs – PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, National Population Register, passport or driving license, along with the mobile number. You need not have to create a user ID and password.
  • An official request needs to be made via official channels in order to gain access to the facility to view inoperative accounts. However, it must be noted that this facility is unavailable for present members of the organization which are exempted under the EPF Scheme, 1952


UAN Portal and umbrella

A Universal Account Number or UAN was announced by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to provide portability of Provident Fund number. Several facilities can be accessed via the EPFO’s UAN member portal –

If an individual has several member IDs under different establishments or organisations, then the UAN acts like an umbrella. This is done by linking multiple Member Identification Numbers of a single member. If a UAN number has already been allotted to you, you can provide it to your new employer to enable him to mark your new member ID under the given UAN. You must first get in touch with your establishment or organisation to obtain your UAN. Then activate your member’s portal registration by using the UAN. This helps provide access to facilities, such as downloading UAN card, updation of KYC related information as well as access and updation of the member’s passbook. Only active members can currently register under the UAN.

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