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How to Link PAN CARD to AADHAR CARD Online (Complete Guide 2017)

Hello Friends, The recent announcement by the Government has made it mandatory for all PAN cards to be linked to Aadhar cards, else the PAN card will be considered invalid. In this article we have laid down step by step instructions on how you can easily link Pan card to Aadhar card in few a matter of minutes.

Steps to link PAN card to Aadhar card Online –

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  • If you are already registered, Log-in into the Income Tax department’s e-filing portal by entering your PAN as user ID, date of birth and password.
  • Upon logging into the e-filing portal, a pop-up page will appear suggesting you to link your PAN card to your Aadhar card.
  • Click on the pop-up. On the page, your details, such as name, gender, date of birth, will be mentioned already in accordance with the details submitted while registering for the e-filing portal.
  • If no pop up window appears on logging go to profile setting and click on ‘link Aadhar’.
  • The system will Cross check whether the details mentioned on the screen match with those on your Aadhar card.
  • If the details match, Enter your Aadhar card number in the respective space provided and subsequently fill in the captcha code. Next, click on the button present below titled ‘link now’.
  • A pop-up window with the message “ Aadhar-PAN linking is completed successfully” will appear, This confirms the linking of your PAN card with your Aadhar Card.

What is PAN Card ?

Pan Card is a blue colored card , about the size of the debit card. It bears a unique ten character code and link all the transactions which are taxable under a single entity. Thus enabling the Government to keep track of all the transactions in a convenient manner. Even though the primary use of the PAN card is filing income tax returns by Indians and foreigners in the country, alike, it is also used as a proof of identity as well as of age.

What are it’s Drawbacks ?

Even though the PAN card has a unique code and is an identification proof, there are a few drawbacks because of which the Government has proposed to link the PAN cards with Aadhar cards. The drawbacks include inability to detect tax evasion, multiple PAN cards for a single individual and also tedious procedure to file income tax returns.

Benefit’s of Linking Pan Card to Aadhar Card ?

We often wonder that why it is Aadhar card that is becoming the basis of identity of every individual in India. The very fact that Aadhar is unique 10 digit number card & contains the demographic as well as the biometric information of the individual it’s nearly impossible to duplicate it. So any other account like PAN card or voter ID which are not linked to Aadhar card will automatically become null and void & hence helping government to eradicate fake cards from the system.

By linking the PAN card to the Aadhar card, problem of tax evaders would be reduced. Due to Aadhar linking, the tax evading individuals would be easily identified along with their name and address information. The use of multiple PAN cards in an individual’s name to evade tax on certain taxable transactions cannot happen if the account is linked to Aadhar card. Also, the process of filing of income tax returns in itself would become easier after linking the PAN card to Aadhar Card because it would no longer be mandatory to send the Income Tax filing acknowledgement to the Income Tax department.

What is Aadhar Card ?

Aadhar card is a proof of identification as well as address of an individual and has a 12 digit unique number. The Government aimed at having a single document that can be used as identity proof and which contained biometric and demographic information of the individual. That is how the Aadhar card came into being.

I hope you found this guide on How to Link PAN CARD to AADHAR CARD useful, please support us by sharing it with your friend’s & family. If you need any help or have any questions please contact us by commenting below and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “How to Link PAN CARD to AADHAR CARD Online (Complete Guide 2017)

  1. Still I am unable to link my Aadhar with PAN. On the other hand I have submitted for name updation in Aadhar as mentioned in PAN. Still not yet updated. SMS says that the only way is connect through Biometric, and I not finding any such center in Bangalore.

    Pl guide me. Also if you have such centre details or email addresses / contact details of Income Tax department, pl forward to me.

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