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Aadhar Card made Mandatory for Death Certificates From October 1

In a great move to prevent big identity fraud, government made it mandatory to provide Aadhar number or Aadhar enrolment Id number of the deceased for issuing the death certificates to residents of all states barring Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Assam. This is in order to establish the identity of the deceased. The order comes into effect from october 1, 2017 and dates will be notified separately for the three states. If a person who is applying for the death certificate is unaware of the deceased, he is required  to provide a certificate stating that the deceased person does not possess an Aadhar number to the best of his knowledge.Any false declaration, however, would be treated as an offence as per provisions of the Aadhar act,2016 and also the Registration of Birth and Death act,1969.

Along with the Aadhar number of the spouse or parents, applicants Aadhar number shall also be collected, citing a notification issued by a Registrar General Of India (RGI).According to the notification issued by the RGI under Ministry of Home Affairs use of Aadhar of the applicants of death certificate will result in ensuring the details provided by relatives, dependants of the deceased. This will prevent identity fraud and help in recording the identity of the deceased. This will also help in preventing need to produce multiple documents of the deceased person.

The effective date for the new rule will be october 1, 2017 and states will have to inform the centre about their preparedness for the new system by september 1. Section 57 of the Aadhar card 2016 permits the use of Aadhar number for the establishment of the identity of an individual for any purpose pursuant to any law or contract to this effect.

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