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Aadhar Card Can Reduce Corruption- Increased Access to Aadhar Card can Reduce Corruption ( Latest Aadhar Card News 2017)

World Bank Recently Commented on India saying “Aadhar increased access, reduced corruption – World bank”. This is great news for every Indian Citizen and should motivate all Indians to apply for Aadhar Card.

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To read to full news please click here.

Every common man in India should share this and encourage your friends and family to apply for Aadhar. I have no doubt that under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Modi India will digitalise many things to stop corruption. Digitalisation is always good. If we take a look at all the developed countries one of the reason for literally no corruption in these countries is strong digital databases and processes. Aadhar Card is India first step toward digitalizing and corruption free India.

Some Useful Guides about Aadhar Card

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For Documents Required to Apply for Aadhar Please click here.


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