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Aadhar Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners- Complete Guide 2017

Hello Friends, In this article we are going to lay down a complete information guide on Aadhar Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners. 

Aadhar card for NRIs

Aadhar is an identification proof bearing unique twelve digit number along with the demographic and biometric information of a person. It is similar to the social security number system of the United States of America. The Aadhar card is widely accepted as a proof of identification as well as address proof at all major institutes in india.

The significance of the Aadhar card has increased even more after the government’s announcement to make linking of PAN card to the Aadhar card mandatory, failing which the PAN card will be invalid. The PAN card in turn is required for filing of tax returns and any kind of income tax related processes carried out. This move has been taken with the objective of making the tax filing system more transparent and curbing any frauds or malpractices. However, this latest announcement has put foreigners, including NRIs and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders, in a quandary. Also, expats working in India and earning here will be affected by this new rule of linking PAN card to Aadhar card. So the question that comes foremost to the mind is, can foreigners apply for Aadhar card?

Can foreigners apply for AADHAR Card?

The answer to this query is, Yes, they can apply for an Aadhar card. The announcement for allowing foreigners, including NRIs and OCI card holders being able to apply for Aadhar card, was made on Pravasi Divas last year. Considering the growing population of NRIs and the significant role they are playing in carrying the economy of the country forward, the announcement making them eligible for the Aadhar card was made. Thus, anyone who is residing in India for more than six months continuous can apply for an Aadhar card since it is not a proof of citizenship but rather a proof of identification.

As long as they are residing in India (more than six months continuous), NRIs, foreigners, OCI card holders can all apply for the Aadhar card. Only, they need to be present in person during the Aadhar card enrollment procedure, especially for biometric entry of data, such as retina scan and scanning of the fingerprint. They can carry out the application and enrollment procedure at any centre across India.

Aadhar Card NRI

AADHAR Card For NRIs, OCI Card Holders and Foreigners- How to Apply?

The procedure to apply for Aadhar card is the same whether for a citizen of India or for foreigners and NRIs.

They first need to book an appointment for Aadhar card enrollment at any centre across India as per their convenience. This appointment can be booked online. A specified date and time will be allotted post the appointment, when the applicant needs to be present in person at the enrollment centre to fill in the details and biometric data. Post taking the appointment, the procedure is as follows-

  • Visit the nearest enrollment centre, selected online while taking appointment.
  • Ensure that all the required documents are with you. Also, it is recommended to reach the centre ahead of the appointed time.
  • Enter all the relevant details in the enrollment form.
  • These documents will be those that verify proof of identity and proof of address as well.
  • The authorities would also take a photograph for identification purpose that will appear on the card.
  • Post the submission of the form and the documents, biometric scanning of fingerprints and iris is to be duly provided.
  • This completes the procedure for application for an Aadhar card.
  • An enrollment slip will be provided after the procedure which can be used to track the status of the aadhar card, via the 14 digit enrollment number present on the card.

Document required to apply for AADHAR Card for NRIs-

The documents that need to be submitted by foreigners and NRIs for their Aadhar card application include

Proof of Identity

Proof of Date of Birth

For identity proof, they can submit a Green card or a similar document. Also, document, such as birth certificate, can be submitted to verify date of birth. An ID proof of the place of work for foreigners and NRIs can also be carried along to submit as identity proof.


Thus, any person residing in India, whether a citizen of India or not, can apply for an Aadhar card through an easy online procedure as well as visiting the enrollment centre. He or she can obtain an Aadhar card within the next 60 to 90 days post applying.

I hope you found this guide on AADHAR Card For NRIs useful, if you did please do share it with your friend’s & family. Please also leave your comments and feedback below. Your feedback and comment will help us bring you the best quality and relevant information on Aadhar Card India.

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