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Repercussions Faced If PAN Card And Aadhar Are Not Linked

The Government Of India has made it mandatory for all PAN card holders to link their PAN
cards with their Aadhar card. The deadline for the same which was earlier 31st August has now
been extended to 31st December 2017 by the Finance Ministry.

Pan Card, Aadhar card, Aadhar linking


If the two cards are not linked, then one will face difficulty in processing their Income Tax Returns or ITR. It will only be processed once the PAN and the Aadhar are linked. This means that despite filing of ITR you will not receive the refund. Quoting the words of the Income Tax department, “ITR will not be taken up for processing under section 143(1) of the Income Tax act until the PAN is linked to Aadhar.”

The Aadhar card is also mandatory for applying for a PAN card and also for availing various
subsidies from the Government.

The Aadhar card is a 12 digit unique biometric authentication card, which the UIDAI issued,
whereas the PAN card is an alphanumeric card of 10 digits and is allotted to entities and
individuals by the Income Tax Department and is required for filing returns.

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